Mountain Dew, quenching gamers’ thirst at ESGS 2017
Posted by cmsadminGG October 28, 2017

If you ask gamers online about gamer fuel, you’ll probably be met with answers saying Mountain Dew. The soda has become synonymous with gaming in the past few years, as lots of players drink it during marathon gaming sessions to keep their energy up. So it’s no surprise that Mountain Dew became the official drinks provider for the ESGS 2017 GGNetwork media center.

What’s exciting about Mountain Dew’s partnership with the GGNetwork media center is that it has now become one of the first brands to partner with a gaming event that does not have a directly gaming related product. For example, local gaming events are usually supported by PC, laptop, and peripherals manufacturers.

Free Mountain Dew was not just for the media though, as the brand even gave out ice-cold bottles to ESGS attendees for free. Naturally, the Mountain Dew bottles got snapped up quickly by eager gamers looking to have their thirsts quenched.

Pampagana talaga sa gamers!” as some attendees said when they got their Mountain Dew bottles. With drinks on hand and thirst quenched, the gamers above (and more) had a much-needed energy boost to roam around the halls of ESGS 2017.

This article was brought to you by Mountain Dew, the official drink of ESGS and the GGNetwork Media Center.

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