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MPGL to make its comeback this June 2018
Posted by Ralph Nicolo Manaloto on April 02, 2018

Right now, Southeast Asia is a hotbed for Dota tourneys. Both big international and more intimate local tournaments are being run in the region, making for one healthy competitive Dota scene.

Though before the Dota 2 scene in SEA got this big, Mineski Events Team’s (MET) Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) was the esports league to beat. Now, after over a year of hiatus, MET is poised to bring back MPGL this 2018!

For MPGL 2018, Mineski has partnered with National Leagues across 11 countries in Southeast Asia. The countries that will be part of MPGL include: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines.

The 11 National Leagues (e.g. IPGL for Indonesia, MESL for Malaysia, etc.) will determine the top three teams from each country. The three teams will then move on to the MPGL regular season stage.

For the Philippines, PPGL 2018 which took place at the Pinoy Gaming Festival last March 24-26 served as the National League. The top three teams from PPGL will move on to the MPGL regular season.

The MPGL regular season takes place this June, and only three teams will move on to the Grand Finals in Thailand later this year.

As regards the new format of MPGL, MET General Manager Danny Chang said:

As the competitive Dota scene continues to evolve around Valve’s Pro Circuit, it has been necessary for MET to recalibrate the MPGL to make sure it remains relevant to our community here in Southeast Asia.

“This new MPGL is designed to do just that, with our focus now in enabling players here in Asia to better compete with what the rest of the world has to offer through a program designed to consistently and continuously facilitate their growth as players, from the local qualifiers, to the National Leagues, all the way up to the MPGL Asia Championship”

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