MPL-PH Season 5 Playoffs: SGD, ONIC PH Break Records in Day 2
Posted by Yuri Mangahas May 31, 2020

Arguably the greatest battle in the local Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional scene, ONIC PH duked it out against SGD Omega in an insanely thrilling 54-minute game that stunned the fandom to its knees.

If anything, the game is a clear preview of the things we should expect in MPL-PH Season 5’s finale.

The Draft

SGD outdrafted ONIC by fielding a Hanzo in response to Wise’s Kimmy.

In efforts to limit the Dragons’ mobility, ONIC banned Selena, Ling, and Angela off the boards, while SGD chose to remove Claude, Chou, and the duo of Popol and Kupa to push the boys of yellow from their comfort picks. While ONIC deployed a stable draft with sustainable damage, SGD responded with a well-rounded team punctuated by Hadjizy’s Hanzo.

The Dragons may have won the draft, but ONIC is more than eager to flush off their expectations with the amount of tricks it has in its sleeve.


The Battle

SGD employed Hanzo’s skills to full effect in the initial phases of the game by preventing Wise’s Kimmy in securing resources and buffs. The Dragons are aware of Kimmy’s early game potential, and they are doing everything they can to mitigate her power spike. Moreover, Natalia and Uranus are providing the vision and the defense SGD needs to maintain its control on the map.


Hadjizy’s Hanzo focused on stealing buffs and chase off junglers whenever needed.


Despite having swept through ONIC’s midlane turrets, the M1 representatives never wavered and relied on their mastery of macro actions to deny potential sieges from the Dragons. With OhMyV33NUS’ Valir flickering in and out of the battlefield to repel invaders, the rest of his teammates were able to land objectives and resources.


OhMyV33NUS’ Valir became ONIC’s pillar of defense in Game 1.


ONIC tailed closely on SGD’s killcount and played a battle of attrition in hopes of exhausting the Dragons and forcing them to commit errors. Reading through ONIC’s cards, SGD deterred the boys in yellow from contesting the Lord, leading the latter on employing the behemoth creature twice in the round. However, ONIC’s tacit defense proved troublesome for the Dragons.


Despite landing two Lord kills, SGD failed to penetrate ONIC’s outer turrets.


Living to his “Kingmaker” monicker, Fuzaken unleashed Grock like a mad beast to allow his teammates from dishing out massive kills in ONIC’s ranks. With several of SGD’s heroes out in the game, the rest of ONIC shaved the Dragons’ outer turrets, evening the fight for the two contenders.


Fuzaken proves why he is one of the best tank players in the pro circuit.


The two teams stayed on the defensive for 20 more minutes, extending the battle to the 44-min. marker. While none of teams would budge from the stalemate, the guys of ONIC knew they have to end the game decisively. Having that thought in their heads, the team switched to target prioritization and snuffed out SGD’s frontliners one by one, leaving Haze to his own devices. With all chess pieces in place, ONIC mounted one grand siege to end the game.


After a grueling 54-min. skirmish, ONIC manages to wipe out SGD’s frontliners and secure Game 1.

The Record

Bren Esports and Geek Fam previously held the longest pro game record with a splashing 42-min. battle.


Bren Esports and Geek Fam previously logged an impressive record of 42 minutes during their clash in MSC, holding the longest pro game title for several months. ONIC and SGD’s Game 1 encounter easily shattered that record to dust, leaving fans to wonder if the two teams still have anything left in their tank for their next games.


SGD took out ONIC in a quick 10-min. game to even the series, but ONIC’s determination slew the Dragons off the competition.


Truly, ONIC will be a force to reckon with in the remaining games of Season 5’s playoffs.


Catch MPL-PH Season 5’s finale as it streams 4:00 PM, May 31st at GGNetwork.

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