MPL-PH Season 5: The Road to Playoffs
Posted by Yuri Mangahas May 28, 2020

After weeks of exhilarating battles, the stage is finally set for the conclusion of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League PH‘s fifth season. Truly, not even a pandemic can stop the players’ desire to seek victory, redemption, and ultimately, glory.

Each team has a story to tell, an ideal to prove, and a reason to venture into battle. Let us recount the final competitors’ journey in the fifth season of the MPL.



After a successful run in MPL Season 4, the reigning champs Sunsparks reorganized its ranks in response to the growing contention in the professional scene. ONIC PH’s Greeed joined the blue-clad team as its captain, while the former Arkangel prodigy Killuash replaced Fuzaken as one of Sunsparks’ frontliners. Proving their worth as combatants in M1’s playoffs, Sunsparks took on all challengers with resiliency, sporting a 7-2 record at the end of the regular season. Closing their pre-playoff run with a decisive victory over ONIC PH, Sunsparks has all the momentum it needs to secure the crown in Season 5.


Bren Esports

Living to the organization’s motto, Bren Esports entered the fifth season with unbridled vigor and a thirst to reclaim lost glory. To further strengthen the team, Bren added SIBOL players Lastii and Phew to its ranks, forming an indomitable squad primed to deter all adversaries. Under the guidance of veteran MLBB coach Duckey, Bren ran like an unstoppable train in the regular season, logging an impressive 8-1 record in the stat sheets. Truth be told, Bren has captured everyone’s attention, and the organization may just land the crown it long sought to reclaim.



From its roots as a rookie team to its immediate growth as a legitimate contender in the MLBB scene, ONIC PH proved in the fourth season that it is a force to reckon with. Despite being bested by Sunsparks in a thrilling best-of-five battle in Season 4’s grand finale, ONIC PH has never lost its sights on the crown, and the team is out for blood to secure their prey. Joined by veteran tank player Fuzaken, OhMyV33NUS’s squad shone brightly in the regular season, wrapping its run with a 7-2 standing in the leaderboards. Will ONIC PH prove all doubters wrong and finally obtain victory in the fifth season? Only time can tell.



The crowd-favorite Execration is yet to win in the MPL, and the squad is determined more than ever to claim what’s rightfully theirs. Led by superstar players Z4pnu and Ch4knu, the white-clad team maintains its thirst for the crown, and if the regular season is any indication, Execration is gearing up to leave S5 as its victor. The team employed a more disciplined playstyle in the regular season and relied on tacit teamwork to outwit opponents, leading Z4pnu’s squad to land a 7-2 finish and secure an upper bracket spot. 2020 just might be the year for Execration to quench years’ worth of thirst for the championship.


SGD Omega

Definitely one of the strongest teams in the professional scene, SGD Omega bares its fangs at the crown with renewed vigor and momentum brought by victories in various tourneys. Composed of SIBOL veterans and a female sixth man in rising prodigy Nina, the Dragons rose to the occasion and bent the MLBB meta to their whims, stunning adversaries and even changing the landscape of the game. With a 6-3 record in the sheets, SGD Omega enters the playoffs with a steadfast will to hold the crown in the final.


Blacklist International

EVOS PH may have closed its doors in the Philippines, but its members found a new home in rising MLBB team Blacklist International. Out to break the code in the professional scene, Blacklist is looking to seal its debut with a decisive victory in Season 5. Mentored by veteran player Bon Chan and led by Dex Star, the team performed beyond expectations and introduced a new playstyle by fielding Natalia as a support assassin. Blacklist may have ended the regular season with a 4-5 record, but the team is primed to decode all challengers and force its way to the final.



One of the winning teams in the MPL qualifiers, BSB entered the fray in the hopes of winning the coveted championship. The newcomers bested the likes of White Rascals and Boom Esports during the qualification round, earning the attention of fans and veteran teams alike. While it produced back-to-back victories during the league’s initial week, BSB struggled halfway through the regular season, ending in a 3-6 run for the newcomers. However, BSB doesn’t want to tap out in the league just yet.



ULVL easily rose to fame for its methodic plays and a systemic approach to battle. Guided by Coach Lark and fronted by former Gosu player Basic, the orange-clad team clawed its way through the qualifiers, earning a spot alongside BSB in the fifth season of the MPL. Despite a stunning victory over Geek Fam in Week 1, ULVL performed sluggishly in the regular season, ending its run with a lukewarm 2-7 record. The team needs to overcome its issues and revive its tenacity in the qualifiers if it hopes to win the crown.



Catch MPL Season 5’s playoffs live from May 29 to 31 at GGNetwork’s Facebook page. 

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