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New League of Legends champions, Qiyana, the Empress of the Elements revealed!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo June 08, 2019

Less than a month after Yuumi’s release, Riot Games unveils a new champion, Qiyana.

Qiyana, the Empress of the Elements is a unique AD assassin that works with three elements that are assigned to certain terrain on the map. The three elements are water or blue (river), earth or green (brush), and fire or red (wall).

While it does sound pretty complicated, the elements only really affect her first ability. It also somewhat does for her ultimate but only really depends where the ultimate goes through instead of actually depending what element she has.

With her abilities and the trailer officially revealed, let’s run through Qiyana’s abilities!

Passive – Royal Privilege

First her passive ability, Royal Privilege. She deals bonus damage for the first attack or ability against an enemy champion. The passive resets when she draws a new element.

Pretty straight forward for a passive. It is notable though that the bonus damage procs per enemy champion and not just once for a certain period of time along with a reset after drawing a new element.


Q – Edge of Ixtal

Her first active ability is Edge of Ixtal. In its base form, she slashes the area in front of her dealing damage. But if she has an element on her weapon she hurls it forward and explodes. The effect of the hurled weapon depends on the element on her blade.

River – Roots opponents on hit.

Wall – Deals bonus damage to units with low health

Brush – Leaves a stealth trail that gives movement speed.

Like we said initially, this is the ability where the elements will be most important. Especially since it takes on the element of the blade and not what’s around her. Judging from the trailer as well, it seems like Edge of Ixtal either has an extremely short cooldown or has at least three charges to the ability. Either way, this may be what separates good Qiyana players from bad ones. Being aware of which element is active and using the Edge of Ixtal version of it right will surely be a tough feat.


W – Terrashape

Her second ability, Terrashape is what gives her weapon an element. She dashes forward to a target an element to gather its power. While enchanted, she gains movement speed near the element, attack speed, and bonus damage.

This is a pretty straight forward ability that sets up Edge of Ixtal. Being aware of which element is where and actually getting it safely and at the intended time will be the key to maximizing Terrashape.


E – Audacity

Qiyana’s third ability, Audacity is a dash to a fixed distance towards a target and dealing damage to them.

Probably more straight forward than Terrashape, Audacity lives up to its name giving Qiyana the means to dash towards a target. This is as assassin as an assassin in League of Legends can get. Audacity will surely be used in combination to Terrashape to get back into the thick of things after getting the element and deal damage.


R – Supreme Display of Talent

Last but definitely not the least is the ultimate of Qiyana, Supreme Display of Talent. She creates a shockwave and knock back enemies. Any River, Brush or Wall hit by the shockwave then explodes dealing damage and briefly stunning enemies.

Supreme Display of Talent is what it says. It’s pretty explosive and clearly plays with three elements. The base version, and what can be assumed is the Brush is a knockback and can be seen in green. Using the ultimate in the River freezes the target that it hits at the end, similar to that of the effect of her first ability. While using it while landing on a wall creates an explosion around the wall. The last of which was seen in the trailer with a massive hit that set the Baron pit ablaze.

Featured photo courtesy of League of Legends Youtube

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