New Overwatch League merchandise now available!

The Overwatch League preseason is ongoing until this Saturday, December 9. If you’ve been hyped up by the day 1 matches so far, then you’ll be glad to know that the new set of Overwatch League merchandise is available now! You can order them online at the Blizzard Gear store.

The new Overwatch League collection features apparel such as jackets and jerseys, along with accessories and home/office items. Previously, the only available Overwatch League merch were t-shirts, now there are jerseys, caps, and other items branded with each of the 12 season 1 teams.

Having trouble deciding which item to go for? Well here are our top picks:

The Overwatch League Bomber is a one sleek looking jacket with its dark grey color and orange accents. It also has a bright orange color inside, making for one striking piece of outerwear perfect for braving the cold weather. While it may cost a cool 99 USD, it’s more than worth it for the most dedicated of Overwatch League fans.

A jacket is nice, but it probably won’t see much use in our country’s hot and humid tropical weather; that’s why this Overwatch League T-shirt might be a better bet. With a bright orange color, you’ll certainly stand out, even among fellow Overwatch fans. Plus, it costs a more reasonable (but still expensive) 25 USD.

A fan of caps? This Overwatch League New Era snapback just might be your next piece of headwear. Not only does it have a nice black/orange color combo, the League’s Tracer logo is featured prominently.

For team-branded merchandise, the Seoul Dynasty jersey is probably one of the best, thanks to its regal black and gold color combination.


Finally, this Houston Outlaws shirt is an easy recommendation because of its cool logo. As the Outlaws represent the “Cowboy Culture” of Texas, their logo consists of two revolvers joined together to form a longhorn skull. Just above is a single star representing the lone-star state.