OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 participants and groups revealed

Season 2 of OGN Overwatch APEX has ended earlier this month, with Lunatic-Hai taking the championship over RunAway. Now, barely two weeks after, the teams that will compete in APEX Season 3 has been revealed. Of the 16 participating teams, two are invited foreign teams, namely Rogue and Team EnVyUs. The rest of the teams are the top 8 from the previous season, along with six promotion teams.

Here is the full list of participating teams and their assigned groups:

Groups A and B seem to be the “groups of death,” seeing as Season 2 Grand Finalists Lunatic-Hai and RunAway are in the respective groups. Group B seems especially close, as two other teams (KD Uncia and AF.Blue) there are top 8 placers last season. Group A meanwhile, should be a treat for competitive Overwatch fans, as two of the best dive-comp teams, Lunatic-Hai and Rogue, get to play each other in the group stage.

Group C looks to give easy wins for 3rd place team, LW Blue. But as seen last season in RunAway and Meta Athena’s performances, promotion teams can make it far in APEX. Finally, Group D could also prove interesting, as Team EnVyUs and Meta Athena are in the said group.

The OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 group stage will start on April 28.

Image courtesy of liquipedia.