Omega, Bren Secure Upper Bracket Tickets to M2 Playoffs
Posted by Yuri Mangahas January 20, 2021

The first two days of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship proved to be nothing short of legendary, as both Omega PH and Bren Esports swept their group stage matches to claim their spots at the upper bracket of the playoffs. 


Amid doubts on the two teams’ performance following the conclusion of the MPL SEA Invitational, the Philippine contingents showcased an entirely new level of play and knocked off their opponents like a walk in the park.


The Alpha of Omega PH


Hadjizy unleashed a barrage of kills against Todak in Game 1.


Omega started their M2 campaign by facing off against MPL-MY/SG champions Todak in Group B. The MPL-PH Season 6 runner-ups methodically broke Todak in the first game, logging an impressive 17-3 killcount courtesy of Hadjizy’s Yi Sun Shin and YellyHaze’s Eudora. The problems continued for Todak in Game 2 as Omega deployed a well-rounded draft to deter the MPL-MY/SG champs from farming their resources. Despite Todak showing signs of life, Hadjizy, KurTzy, and YellyHaze prowled the map to hunt down their opponents one by one, all while stealing objectives and paving way for a dominant sweep.


The Philippine contingents’ dominant campaign continued as they swept Cambodian team Impunity KH to secure their gold tickets to the upper bracket. Heath made his presence felt across all areas of the jungle, while his teammates did what they could to preoccupy Impunity at all lanes. With both Oppi and BOOM sidetracked, the enemy core became ripe for the picking for Omega. The MPL-PH runner-ups upped the ante in Game 2 as Kenji and KurtZy snuffed enemy heroes in hellish fashion, scoring a massive 21-4 lead over the Cambodian hopefuls. While Oppi tried to deter Omega from barreling their turrets, the Philippine squad proved too strong and smashed their opponents in decisive fashion.


Heath led Omega in snuffing out Impunity KH off the board.


Bren Hits First Savage in Group C


KarlTzy logs the first savage feat in M2.


Looking to assert their dominance as the strongest team in the PH circuit, Bren Esports began their Group C journey by hitting the tourney’s first Savage milestone, courtesy of the young prodigy KarlTzy. The ace carry logged a total of 13 kills during the team’s first game against 10S Frost, while FlapTzy and Ribo contained the Japanese contingents’ movements to hamper them from defending the core. Carrying his monstrous momentum from Game 1, KarlTzy roared like a mad beast and annihilated 10S Frost in the second half, leaving the core defenseless to a rampaging Bren.


Bren lives by their battlecry in Group C.


The dominant victory against Todak sent a premonition of sorts to Alter Ego, as the Indonesian squad easily fell to Bren’s hands later that day. While both teams closely played the game by ear at the opening moments of Game 1, it was Bren’s itemization and resource usage that allowed the MPL-PH Season 6 champs to survive the 23-minute game as the victors. Not wanting to let their Indonesian rivals get ahead of them, all the members of Bren focused on taking down AE’s cores as they played aggressively across the entire map. With AE lagging off the killcount, the resources snowballed in favor of Bren, driving the MPL-PH champs to hammer the final nail to the Indonesian team’s upper bracket dream.



Omega PH will square off against RRQ Hoshi at the playoffs, while Bren will face Burmese Ghouls, the same team that eliminated Sunsparks during the second round of the M1 playoffs. If anything, the last two days proved to be a far contrast from PH’s performance in M1. Victory may be inevitable this time for the Three Stars and a Sun.



Catch the playoffs of the M2 MLBB World Championship starting this Friday on GGNetwork’s Facebook page.

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