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Opening day of Overwatch League had a peak viewership of over 400,000
Posted by Ralph Nicolo Manaloto on January 12, 2018

It’s fair to say that Blizzard’s Overwatch League lived up to the immense hype, as viewers all around the world flocked to Twitch to watch the League’s opening day. Day 1 recorded a peak viewership of 441,243 across the three different language streams — namely English, Korean and French.

As expected, the English stream had the most viewers, with a peak of 392,119. The Korean stream followed with a 64,534 peak, and the French stream had 11,530.

The over 400,000 peak viewers number is a great feat for any esport tournament, though it’s much more impressive for the Overwatch League, as it is only the League’s first day. The high amount of viewers should quell fears that there’s little to no interest in Overwatch esports.

As the Overwatch League continues its first season, these viewership numbers will likely be difficult to sustain, especially as there will be lots of matches to come. Though the good thing is that fan response is excellent, with more casual Overwatch player being blown away by the League’s production value and high-level matches.

In any case, Twitch’s broadcast partnership with Blizzard seems to be worth it so far, even if their deal reportedly costs a whopping $90 million USD.

Season 1 of the Overwatch League continues today, January 11. With the first week’s matches scheduled until January 14.

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