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OpTic nabs DPC points; claims SL ImbaTV S5 championship
Posted by Caisam Yvez Nopueto on April 16, 2018

OpTic Gaming finally take themselves to the DPC scoreboard: after a 3-1 victory over VGJ.Thunder, they garnered 450 total points (150 each player) and placed themselves at DPC’s Rank 14. They are the champions of Star Ladder IMBATV Invicational Season 5 and took home USD 135,000.

OpTic started the Grand Final in a high note against VGJ.Thunder with their physical damage reduction-based lineup around Shadow Fiend and Underlord. While it seemed to work until the tail-end of the mid-game, VGJ.Thunder just rode Liu “Sylar Jiajun’s back and turned the game around with his Terrorblade. VGJ.Thunder accomplished the tall order, and snatched the first game of the series.

OpTic then bounced back come game 2, with the registered offlaner Neta “33” Shapira taking over the mid lane and the carrying duties. His Visage went crazy this game, ending it with 13-4-6 Kills-Deaths-Assists scorecard and topping the networth chart himself. One turn-around fight where he got a triple kill over the momentous VGJ.Thunder surely turned the tides of the game and he was able to win it for the team.

The third game was fairly easy for OpTic Gaming, able to draft themselves a Broodmother this time for 33. His Broodmother fit the draft perfectly, and VGJ.Thunder just couldn’t answer the angry spider. 33 was also able to create enough space for Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille’s Troll Warlord to be absolutely massive. In just 28 minutes, OpTic Gaming push themselves to match point.

Come Game 4, a peculiar Sniper appeared for VGJ.Thunder. However, the Sniper pick didn’t work out at all for the Chinese squad, as OpTic already had tools to deal with the Sniper: Sand King and Tusk were already picked before the Sniper pick, and the last-picked Phantom Lancer just hammered the last nail for VGJ.Thunder‘s coffin. The relentless aggression from OpTic didn’t allow any breathing room for Thunder, and OpTic claim the championship in just 30 minutes of action.

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