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Our 5 memorable moments from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on October 17, 2019

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition has officially been released for the Nintendo Switch! In celebration of this, we’ve decided to look back at some of the memorable moments from the award-winning title.

We’ve prepared a good mix of fun and naughty moments along with ones that tugged at our heartstrings.

Be prepared, there will definitely be spoilers in here. You know, just in case you haven’t played the game and plan to pick up the Switch version.




The drunk witchers

Let’s start pretty light. Three witchers, Lambert, Eskel, and our main man, Geralt go on a drinking spree and ultimately get themselves drunk. In a nutshell, they end up doing The Witcher’s version of Skype and make a prank call all the while in Yennefer’s clothes.

To top it all off, Yennefer walks in on them and firmly tells Geralt to “Go to bed, now!”.


Reunion of Geralt and Ciri

In the Isle of Mists, you find a cottage on the top of a hill where you come across four dwarves who are missing their three friends. The three friends are, of course, scattered about the isle and upon getting them together they mention that they found an ‘ashen-haired lass’ and claim that she had passed. She, as you might’ve guessed, hadn’t died. She was in a magic slumber after Avallac’h had hid her from the Hunt.

The reunion between Geralt and Ciri was heartwarming, to say the least.


RIP Vesemir

Vesemir is the oldest and most experienced witcher at Kaer Morhen in the 13th century. He has become the father figure to Geralt as well as other witchers. We see him in The Witcher and again in The Witcher 3. While he does disappear for most of the game, we see him again when Geralt returns to Kaer Morhen with Yennefer.

With the resistance fighters against the Wild Hunt frozen upon the Hunt’s arrival, Vesemir and Ciri did their best to fend them off. They were outnumbered and with Vesemir cornered, Ciri was prepared to surrender. Vesemir, unwilling to let her surrender, fought back and stabbed Imlerith. Although this moment allowed Ciri to unleash her true potential, the loss was pretty heavy as the father/grandfather and mentor figure of the witchers was lost.


The stuffed unicorn  

Photo: Steam

Yes, unicorns are a thing in the world of The Witcher 3 and of course someone has a stuffed unicorn in the game: Yennefer, a sorceress and one of the love interests of our main man, Geralt.

Well… this moment isn’t quite the most family friendly of them all but it is definitely memorable. How often do you see two people on top of a stuffed unicorn…?


Geralt in the bathtub

Photo: GameSpot

We end with one of, if not the most, iconic moment of the game: Geralt in the bathtub. While this is where we all begin in the game, we just couldn’t do the list without it.

How else would you want to start the game? We enjoy the ‘relaxing’ bath to begin a grand adventure.


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