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7 Reasons Why We’re Hyped For Borderlands 3
Posted by Raphael Leynes on May 03, 2019

In a special worldwide Borderlands 3 reveal event that was held Wednesday, Gearbox showed off some of the actual gameplay and features of the upcoming looter-shooter. The event featured Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and some select members of the team as they gave the dozens in attendance and the world the first glimpse of Borderlands 3. We’re pretty jazzed about the game and here are 7 reasons why!

You Get An Actual Spaceship

One of the biggest reveals, from the event was the Sanctuary III. In Borderlands 3, the central hub introduced in the second game, Sanctuary now takes the form of a giant ship that you traverse the different planets of the galaxy with. From what we’ve seen, the ship’s interior design is pretty amazing, each of the rooms and moodily lit and feel lived in while the different machinery and pipes coursing through it give it a cool industrial feel. Its also pretty rad to see the ship’s thrusters lighting up the a portion of the central hallway in a brilliant yellow glow.

Within the Sanctuary III players will find a familiar assortment of shops and NPC such as Marcus and Marcus Munitions, Moxxi and her pub, to name a few–even the large and lovable Ellie makes an appearance as the ship’s chief mechanic!

The Sanctuary III also has some interesting new additions to the traditional hub world dynamic. There’s going to be something called a Loot Lost and Found which will collect and return loot that has been lost/rendered inaccessible through your travels. There’s also going to be a Trophy Room curated by the gentlemanly Sir Hammerlock where souvenirs of your finest kills will be displayed. And most exciting of all is the new customizable player quarters which you can decorate and modify depending on your character! In the stream, they showed a room based on the game’s new Siren Amara, so it featured a punching bag, purple mood lighting and a headrest that where specifically themed to the character.

Vault Hunters Each Have 3 Action Skills!

The biggest and most exciting change gameplay-wise has got to be how the 4 new Vault Hunters will now be able to cycle through, use and equip three unique action skills! These action skills are all also tied to their own distinct skill trees affecting your characters build in different ways. This change will definitely spice up combat by giving players a wide swath of options for strategy and playstyles.

During the reveal event, Gearbox showed off their new Siren Amara who can leap into the air and slam the ground with her Phaseslam ability, lift enemies up to a vulnerable state using Phasegrasp; and project her astral form forward causing damage in a line with Phasecast. Gearbox also revealed their new assassin, Zane who can summon a stationary decoy that fires at enemies using his Digi-clone skill, Summon a nifty and powerful SNTNL Drone; and throw out a Barrier that’ll block incoming projectiles for you and your team. We’re excited to find out what other skills the other remaining Vault Hunters have and how they’ll change the game.

The Vault Hunters Can Do More Stuff

In addition to the vast new action skill options, each of the characters are now more mobile and can traverse the world more effectively than ever before. Vault Hunters can now slide down surfaces and mantle up ledges! Players can now also revive and be revived by the different NPCs they run into. Then there’s also the new Emotes that your character can to to interact with teammates and do other fun shenanigans.

Another tiny interesting new addition that we picked up on are dynamic voicelines tailored to each character so that interactions with the NPCs are less generic and more suited to which ever Vault Hunter you’re playing. In the stream, the player character Amara shares an interaction with fellow siren Lilith about the mystic tattoos that they both share. Lilith answers back acknowledging the remark and welcoming Amara to the Crimson Raiders. Neat-O!

You Can Interact With the Environment More

The combat will also incorporate a lot more environmental interaction than ever before. Volatile barrels can now be push towards enemies before shooting them to make them explode. There are also various pipes littering any given area that spew out harmful fluids that cause elemental damage to anyone unlucky enough to come in contact with it. Cover is also going to be destructible and will degrade over sustained gunfire and damage so you and your enemies can’t stay cowering behind a single place for long.

Loot Instancing is a Godsend

Simply put, Loot instancing creates a separate instance of any gun you encounter for you AND your CO-OP partners. This means no more fighting over valuable items thereby keeping your friendship in tact! Yay! Best of all, Loot Instancing scales the loot it generates to the level of the player looking at it. This means a  level 5 player may find a level 5 rifle but their level 25 playmate will see a level 25 version of the gun. Co-op will now be much more rewarding no matter what level your buddies are at! And no more loot hogs!

The Guns Are Going To Be Crazy

If Borderlands is about anything at all, it would be about the guns. The awesome, weird, cool and crazy guns. Borderlands 3 is no different, in fact they’ve ratcheted up the zany designs in previous games and gone all out this time. Most guns will now have alternate shooting modes such as delayed fire, semi auto, burst, even switching to shooting out missiles, grenades and all sorts of fun stuff.

There’s also the new reworked manufacturer gimmicks that each gun made by that manufacturer will have. Jakobs guns will have bullets that will ricochet to an enemy on a critical hit. Torgue will have projectiles that will stick onto enemies. Hyperion will retain the accuracy buff they get from continuous firing and will now have an energy shield that activates when aiming down sights! Maliwan lets you switch between different elemental effects for your firearms. Vladof allows you to customize your gun with scopes, lasers and launchers. Dahl has some interesting firing modes you can toggle through. And Tediore does more things now when you reload their guns other than explode. Some bounce around the battlefield causing damage and some just straight up sprout legs and start running after people while shooting them!

The manufacturer Atlas, which we haven’t seen since the original Borderlands will make its triumphant return as well. Atlas guns will have Smart Trackers that  you can shoot at enemies allowing your subsequent bullets to home in automatically on their target.

There’s also the new manufacturer called Children of the Vault or COV which will be replacing Bandit for Borderlands 3. COV guns will have infinite ammo but will overheat with successive firing.

No Microtransactions (?)

During the closing moments of the reveal event, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford addressed the crowd with a bold statement saying  that in a commitment to preserve what Borderlands is going to be, that they are “…not doing any of that free-to-play junk, there’s not going to be any microtransactions. There’s not going to be any of that nonsense.

At the time of this posting, we’ve already ran into several reports and conflicting statements from the company saying that actually there will be microtransactions in the game. We’ll be doing some bit of digging on the matter in a future report which we’ll link to here.

Borderlands 3 comes out September 13, 2019 on the Epic Game Store, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Are you hyped for Borderlands 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page!

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