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Our Favorite Indie Games from Taipei Game Show 2019
Posted by Raphael Leynes on January 27, 2019

We got to play some awesome and innovative indie games at Taipei Game Show 2019 and here are our favorites!

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Developer: DESK WORKS

RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright is probably the most innovative and visually stimulating game we’ve played in a long while. The art design seems straight out of a kid’s desk in class, complete with the doodles, papercrafts and school materials that that usually comes with it. The game itself features different types of gameplay from a side-scrolling action to some light puzzle solving to touch-based combat and even a little bullet hell shooter thrown in for good measure. RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright won this year’s Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award Grand Prix, Best Innovation and Best Choice Award by Xsolla. Not bad for a game that was made by one person!

We absolutely can’t wait for this game to come out on Android, IOS and Steam!

不当英雄Roguelike Hero

Developer: Carrya. Tec 

不当英雄Roguelike Hero is an action game that’s set in a martial arts action movie set ala Jackie Chan. The game’s main character Gou Xiong, a down-on-his-luck Kung-Fu master with no principle, fights using a ridiculous array of slapstick moves, weapons, farts and spits against his enemies. Our favorite was the “Super Move” that you can unleash when your action meter is full that has you character assume a Phoenix Stance while radiating powerful glow– and then promptly punches an enemy in the groin.

Yes. It’s great.

不当英雄Roguelike Hero can be quite a hard game to search for but we found the game’s Steam page where you can expect to find the latest trailers and announcements


Developer: Next Studio

Iris.Fall evokes the kind of imagery that you expect to come out of a grim version of Alice and Wonderland. The art design features cel-shaded backgrounds featuring a stark black and white aesthetic with bits of yellow as an eerie accents. The core gameplay has you control a little girl, appropriately named Alice, as she makes her way through an abandoned building where things turn supernatural. Along the way, she solves puzzles that involve her shifting from the 3D world of light and the 2D world of shadow. In the demo we played, the puzzles were solved by aligning objects to a light source in the 3D plane so that they form a path with their shadows on the 2D plane allowing Alice to walk through.

Between the innovative gameplay, incredible atmosphere and phenomenal art style, we’d follow Iris.Fall way down into the rabbit hole. Check out Iris.Fall on Steam and on Facebook

Neon Tail

Developer: Rocket Juice

Neon Tail first caught our eye because of its amazing-looking skate mechanics, colorful visuals and awesome level design. This one-man project by developer Rocket Juice, hopes to bring back the “skates-ploration” type game made popular by premier classics such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Jet Set Radio, and so far it looking poised to revitalize the genre.

The demo we played featured a giant sprawling cityscape with bustling NPCs and plenty of wires and objects to jump off from and grind on. Moving through the city with your character feels very fluid but also weighty. You can feel the momentum as your character builds up speed and it affects the way you move, jump, shift direction or stop. There isn’t much to do yet in the early build we played aside from exploring and pulling off sick tricks. However, the developer has promised us that there will be an overarching storyline as well as plenty of side quests that’ll pop up all over the city to keep our heroine busy in the final build.

Fans of the stellar classic Jet Set Radio and similar games, will definitely want to keep an eye out for Neon Tail. Keep track of the game’s progress on their Youtube, Facebook and Patreon


Developer: B & L Studio

Worder has such a brilliantly simple concept that it’s amazing it hasn’t been done before. It’s a physics-based puzzle-platformer where you control the letters of the alphabet! You hop, rotate and spin around using the various letters to do things like using “U” to hold water from a faucet, “A” to wedge yourself within a gap or flatten yourself as an “I” to avoid a rolling boulder. The developer even hinted at additional DLC Characters so I guess we can expect to have Numbers Pack coming soon  or @#!$ Edition when the final game releases!

Check out B & L Studios’ Facebook Page to keep track of Worder!

No Straight Roads

Developer: Metronomik

No Straight Roads combines the rhythm game and action game genres into a single fun and stylish package. You take control of two characters, a guitarist and a drummer which you can switch back and forth from on the fly. You fight through hordes of enemies using your characters musical instruments to attack and shape the environment of course with the additional flair of the electric guitar or the infectious beat of the drum.

The enemies attacks as also music-based as they follow a basic rhythm that synchronizes to the level’s background music. As such, anticipating and avoiding strikes can be done by keeping track of the stage’s music and reacting accordingly. When done well, the game’s action becomes an awesome concerto of strikes, projectiles, guitar riffs and pulse-pounding beats. No Straight Roads is sure to be a shreddin’, rip-roarin’ good time and a source tells me that there’s CO-OP mode on the way as well!

Look for more updates on No Straight Roads by following Metronomik on Facebook and Instagram

There you have it our favorite Indie Games of Taipei Game Show 2019! What game did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page!

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