Overwatch Anniversary event will return this May 23

Blizzard’s hit hero-shooter Overwatch will have its second anniversary soon, and to celebrate, last year’s Anniversary event is making a comeback. This isn’t a regular event re-run though, as Blizzard will make ALL content from past events available; that means all the skins, emotes, and even brawls!

The return of the Overwatch Anniversary event was recently announced through official Overwatch social media pages, and is said to start this May 22 (May 23 in the Philippines). The announcement featured a video which showcased previous seasonal legendary skins, as well as a new “Pirate” skin for Junkrat. The video also announced that previous event content and brawls will be available during the Anniversary event.

The in-game event-limited cosmetics will be available at the discounted rates, except for items introduced in the Summer Games 2017 and onwards; the newer cosmetics will not be discounted (meaning newer legendary skins will still cost 3000 credits).

Aside from bringing back all previous event content, the second Anniversary event for Overwatch will likely feature more new skins and other cosmetics. Expect more news on the event’s content in the days leading up to the 23rd.

Second Anniversary Free Weekend

As part of the Overwatch Anniversary celebration, Blizzard will hold another free weekend for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players. The free weekend will go live this May 26-29, 2018.

As with previous free weekends, players will be able to play all 27 heroes and 18 maps. Though the competitive game mode will be locked, meaning players will have access only to Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom game modes. Progress from the free weekend will also carry over if players buy their own copy of the game, provided that they use the same account.

For more information on the free weekend, click here.

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