Overwatch Halloween Terror returns this October 10

Overwatch players itching for new skins and other items need not wait much longer, as Blizzard has confirmed that last year’s well-received Halloween Terror event will be back this year, and it will go live this October 10!

If this year’s Summer Games is anything to go by, the Halloween Terror event will bring back the Junkenstein’s Revenge game-mode. For those who weren’t able to play during last year’s Halloween event, Junkenstein’s Revenge is a co-op brawl/horde mode where players have to fight through waves of┬ázombie omnics and bosses.

Last year’s run of Junkenstein’s Revenge only had four playable heroes – Ana, McCree, Soldier:76, and Hanzo. Hopefully this year will have more hero options, along with a second map for the brawl.

As with all Overwatch events, Halloween Terror 2017 is bringing new skins. So far, they’ve confirmed two new skins from their teaser posted on Twitter and Facebook – a “Van Helsing” McCree skin, along with what looks to be a┬áDracula Reaper skin. Expect more skins to be revealed ahead of the Halloween Terror event soon.

Speaking of skins, the previous Halloween skins is likely to be made available again this year. And like the Summer Games, expect the skins to be available for a reduced cost.