Overwatch is free to play this September 23-26

Overwatch is definitely one of the most popular games today; even a year after its release, the player base is still growing. Though surely there are still some people who are yet to try Blizzard’s hit first-person shooter. If you’re one of those, well you’re in luck as Overwatch is having another free weekend for all platforms from September 23 (yep, that’s tomorrow) til September 26!

The great thing about the Overwatch free weekend is that all heroes and maps are playable for everyone. Players who try the game out can also go for Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom Games; with only Competitive mode being locked out. And the best part is, players can earn loot boxes during the free weekend.

To further entice new players to join Overwatch, progress from the free weekend will carry over once you purchase the game. That is if you use the same account.

Here are the deployment times around the world for the Overwatch free weekend:

For us here in the Philippines, the free weekend will start at 2:00am on September 23 and will end at 3:00pm on September 26.

To download Overwatch, you just need a PlayStation Plus membership for PS4 players, an Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox One owners, a account for those on PC.

For more info on the free weekend for Overwatch, click here.