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Overwatch Uprising renamed as Overwatch Archives, to go live on April 10
Posted by Ralph Nicolo Manaloto on April 03, 2018

Overwatch Uprising was confirmed to come back this April 10 just recently. But in a new Developer Update by Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Lead Engineer Tim Ford, the event will now be called Overwatch Archives.

Watch the developer update below:

Kaplan and Ford first mentioned that the co-op Uprising brawl is coming back for the upcoming event. They then mentioned that the event will no longer be named Uprising and instead will be known as Overwatch Archives.

Last year, the event was named as such because it centered on the King’s Row Uprising. Now with Archives, the Overwatch team will be able to explore more missions and significant events from the past.

When Overwatch Archives goes live, expect a new brawl to go along with the event. Fans speculate that there will be a new co-op brawl which takes place in the past (a la Uprising), but this time with players taking on the role of Blackwatch agents such as McCree and Genji.

While the new brawl is yet to be confirmed, Kaplan did mention that last year’s Uprising cosmetic items will return in Archives. And as always, there will be lots of new in-game content, including a legendary skin for a certain Shimada brother.

More details regarding Overwatch Archives will be released in the coming days before the event goes live. Archives will run from April 10-30 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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