Overwatch World Cup 2017 – Shanghai Qualifier Day 2 Recap

The second day of the Overwatch World Cup 2017 Shanghai Qualifier has just ended, and teams China and France have secured their spot for the playoffs. Team Norway followed up China for Group A with 3 points, with the remaining teams Hong Kong and Romania having one point apiece. For Group B meanwhile, Argentina is already eliminated despite their strong showing; while Denmark and Thailand were second and third respectively.

Here are the full Group Standings at the end of Day 2:


Day 2 Matches

The first match of the day was the highly anticipated China vs. Norway, as they were the teams that ended Day 1 on top of the group. While most fans expected a tigh match-up between the two, it was far from close. China put on a clinic on the first two games on Hollywood and Nepal, and they quickly gained a 2-0 lead.

Norway did try and bounce back at the third game on Horizon, as both teams capped the two map points. Though it was China in the end that took Game 3. Finally, Game 4 was another easy win for China, as they prevented Norway from taking a single point.

Hong Kong vs. Romania was a much closer series compared to the previous. Romania took home Game 1 on King’s Row after hard fought rounds. While Hong Kong bounced back in Game 2 on Lijiang Tower, winning in 2 quick rounds.

Game 3 on Horizon saw another win from Hong Kong, as they fully held Romania back in their Defense round. Though Romania prevented Hong Kong from getting a 3-1 score, as they found another game win on Route 66.

Day 2’s third series was France vs. Thailand. Thailand surprised most viewers, as they took home Game 1 on Hollywood, thanks to a standout peformance from oPuTo on Sombra. France then answered on Game 2, and they tied the series 1-1.

Game 3 on Horizon was another close match between the two teams, with great plays from both sides. France did end up winning on the fourth round, and they took a 2-1 lead. The last game was marred by some technical difficulties, including a disconnect and what looked like a bugged Tracer ult. Though in the end, it was France that won the game, and they ended the series 3-1.

The final match of the day was Denmark vs. Argentina. Game 1 on King’s Row had Argentina winning, thanks to a stellar performance from Klaus. Denmark did win Game 2 on Nepal, tying the series 1-1.

Denmark extended their lead 2-1 after Game 3 on Horizon, though the said game looked rather close. The last game on Route 66 saw Argentina mounting quite a defense, but Denmark did capture the last point on Overtime. On Denmark’s defense round, the Argentinians pushed the payload almost til the second point, but thanks to a well-positioned Tracer ult, they weren’t able to cap the second point. With their win, Denmark picked up 3 points.

The last group stage matches, as well as the two Semifinals series will start tomorrow at 12:00PM PHT. You can watch the last day live on the PlayOverwatch Twitch channel.