Phillips and AOC Step Their Game Up With New Monitor Line
Posted by Raphael Leynes November 07, 2018

Electronics and technology company Phillips is the newest player to throw its hat in in support of the growing rise of esports and gaming in the country. Alongside their sister company AOC and their new gaming brand AGON, they’ve announced a new slew of monitors that are tailor-fit to suit the needs of gamers across the nation. Here are the newest members of the AOC and Philips lines soon to be made available in the market:

Philips S-Line LCD monitor

The  S-Line Monitor is Philips’ most efficient and reliable display which is ideal for any office setting. The S-line also has several features  that help increase its user’s productivity and comfort in the workplace.  The S-line’s LowBlue mode filters eye-strain-inducing blue light and its Flicker-free technology helps lessen eye-fatigue both allowing for a more comfortable and productive working session.

Philips V-Line Full HD LCD Monitor

The Philips V-line is especially designed to display crisp and vivid images while making use of as much of the screen as possible with its Edge-to-Edge narrow border design. Its  SmartContrast feature helps regulate settings to get those beautiful, rich black details while its SmartImage presets optimizes image’s settings to perfectly present what your see on its 16:9 Full HD Display.

Philips E-Line Curved LCD Monitor

The Philips E-Line Monitors are dedicated to delivering ultimate immersion with its Curved 16:9 design. The E-line monitors also have a wide range of colors with its Ultra wide-Color feature resulting in much more vibrant images. The monitors also allow gamers to be able to experience effortlessly smooth gameplay with its AMD FreeSync support.  The E-line also comes in 24-inch, 27-inch and 32-inch varieties.

The pricing for the 24-inch E-Line was revealed at launch as PHP 9,312. The 32-inch variant was at PHP 15, 876. For pricing on other models, please contact AOC, Philips and their partner stores.

AOC B1 Series

The B1 Series of Monitors from AOC combines affordability and functionality. The 22B1H and 22B1HS models feature a lightweight and ultra slim design with at just 14.3mm and 10.6 mm thin respectively for a 21.5″ inch Full HD Screen. They also have Curved models in the line with the C27B1H and C24B1H featuring the same ultra-slim design at 27″ and  24″ screen size respectively.

The C24B1H’s price was revealed at launch and was at PHP 9,312 and the 22B1HS is at PHP 5, 568. For pricing on other models, please contact AOC, Philips and their partner stores.

AOC G1 Series

The AOC G1 is where the brand really starts to dial in on gamer’s needs. It features a Curved 27″ inch Full HD Screen with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The G1 also sports a narrow bezel design at 1.5mm with only a 5mm black screen border. It also supports AMD FreeSync technology to provide optimum rendering at a smooth as butter pace.

The pricing for this monitor revealed at launch was PHP 16,596


The G2590PX prides itself in being designed for awesomeness. Similar to the G1 the G2590PX sports a whole host of specs catered specifically to the gamer. It has a 24″ inch Full HD Screen with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. They’ve also added in a feature that decreases input lag so that the Monitor reacts exactly when you giving you that added boost you need in your favorite games.

The pricing for this monitor revealed at launch was PHP 16,236

These Philips and AOC Monitors are now available in PC Express, ThinkPC, Octagon,  PC Worx, Computerworld, Thinkingtools, Vivocom, PC Chain and other partner retailers nationwide.

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