Play AAA games on a low-end PC with GeForce NOW

GeForce Now is a new game-streaming service from Nvidia, which will allow PCs with low specifications such as integrated graphics to output games in full fidelity. Your underpowered machine can now pack the processing muscle of high-performance GeForce GTX GPUs using the cloud-based game service.

Starting today, GeForce Now is available as a free beta compatible with most Windows-based desktops and laptops. Do note, however, that you would need a robust internet connection for this to work as intended.

GeForce Now can connect gamers to their library of games from all the top digital stores including Steam, Origin, and uPlay.

With GeForce Now, gamers can play their AAA games from just about anywhere, even on macOS computers via connecting to supercomputers in the cloud, streaming 1080p graphics at up to 120 frames per second.

Since all the processing and heavy lifting is done on the cloud, even computers with mobile-grade components can play demanding PC blockbusters at max settings, with smooth framerates, despite having an integrated graphics chipset.

The service also allows you to play the game faster than ever before, as the system maintenance tasks are handled for you. Patches and driver updates are installed automatically, and cloud saves are also enabled for cross-platform play.

The service is currently available in pubic beta for Windows- and Mac-based desktops and laptops in most of North America and Europe.