PlayStation releases attractively-priced PS4 HITS Bundle

The PlayStation 4 is by far the most popular console in the Philippines, thanks largely in part to a lot of AAA games (the Assassin’s Creed franchise), exclusive titles (Final Fantasy XV), and sleeper hits (Neir: Automata). Since its release a couple of years ago, the PS4 has announced a lot of special bundles for their consoles, but these usually consisted of just one game (the Uncharted 4 bundle for example) until now.

Sony just announced that they are releasing their HITS Bundle; a 500GB version of the console with THREE games to get you started with the console life. Packaged with the bundle are Horizon Zero Dawn, DRIVECLUB, and Rachet & Crank.

The HITS Bundle will be locally available starting May 3, 2017 for only P17,300.