Project CARS 2 to be released on September 22

E3 is currently underway, and gaming developers/publishers are pulling out all the stops to impress gamers worldwide. While Bandai Namco will not have a keynote at this year’s E3, they do have a booth where gamers can test out their upcoming racing simulator, Project CARS 2. And they’ve recently announced that Project CARS 2 will be released this September 22, 2017.

Bulding on the open structure of the first Project CARS title, the sequel has a “sandbox” approach to its career mode that allows drivers an open path to achieving their motorsport dreams. Drivers can begin either in grassroots series such as karts,  or even jump right in to a particular type of motorsport. Project CARS 2 features nine motorsport disciplines to choose from, which is sure to satisfy any and all racing fans.


As per fan requests, Project CARS 2 also features a multi-class mode, where multiple car classes race each other on track; be it iconic sports cars, modern prototypes, or even GT3 racers.

Capturing all the thrills of motorsport means drivers competing in any car, anytime, anywhere, off- and-online, against both in-class competitors and other classes too.


Project CARS 2 delivers an unparalleled racing experience for players of all skill levels. Bleeding-edge visuals, precise car physics, revamped confidence-inspiring gamepad controls combined with advanced and newly refined tire grip and slip physics that provide drivers with optimized control and feel  in all situations, and enhanced, realistic A.I. make Project CARS 2 the most immersive and technically-advanced racing simulation on the planet.

The game will be released worldwide on September 22nd 2017 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC.