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Rev Major 2019: JJRockets Boosts To The Top Of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Posted by Raphael Leynes on September 29, 2019

This year’s Super Smash Bros. tourney at Rev Major 2019 was definitely, for lack of a better term, a smash. A whopping total of 187 players joined this year’s tourney making it one of its best-attended titles to date.

At the end of the day, only four players would remain to vie for the top prize: RPG | JJRockets, CG | XIFL, TUO, and TSF | Psi Force.

In Winner’s Final, JJRockets and his Diddy Kong would send XIFL and Pokemon Trainer to Losers’. Meanwhile in Losers’ Semis, Psi Force’s Ness confidently knocked off TUO’s tricky Wii Fit Trainer.

However, the biggest story from Top 4 came to us from the next set: Losers Finals in the absolute slobber-knocker of a match in XIFL versus Psi Force. In the pretty even match, both players would claim a win tying the series at one apiece. In the third game in the Best of Five series, disaster would strike at a crucial juncture for Psi Force when he reduced XIFL’s Charizard to 179% but getting his Ness killed at 46% because of the Rage catch up mechanic.

Psi Force would regain composure despite the setback, playing to near perfection and tying the series 2-2.

In the deciding battle of Loser’s Finals, tragedy would strike once again. Down two stocks to one, XIFL would dig down deep and got the send off on the defending champion, taking down the stock lead and catching the champion’s Ness vulnerable on the ledge and finishing him off with some Charizard pressure.

XIFL would move on to face his opponent JJRockets in the Grand Finals. Defending champion Psi Force placed third for this year’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at Rev Major 2019.

With a long road ahead, potentially needing a lot of wins to go all the way, XIFL changes his character up to Little Mac, surprising everyone in attendance including the announcers and his opponent. With the surprise pick, he snagged two victories, blitzing the shocked JJRockets to reset point.

JJ would comeback though, having downloaded the character and firing back with 2 straight wins of his own tying at 2-2. On the verge of elimination or resetting the bracket, XIFL would switch back to his faithful Pokemon Trainer. However, with JJRockets prepared for the match up, he would not allow a reset to happen and defeated XIFL handily, catching his Charizard off guard with a final banana peel to Forward Smash (his bread and butter play) to claim the Rev Major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Championship.

After the match, the Champion sat down with GG Network to talk about his story and path to the gold at Rev Major 2019. It turns out the JJRockets, real name Benjamin Rowe, is a native of Chicago that now resides in Korea to teach English. He’s been playing in tournaments for over ten years now since 2009.

When we asked him about what was going on in his mind during that championship match he had this to say:

“First of all, I didn’t expect that Little Mac pick so it took me off guard a bit. He was beating me at first so I needed to remember the Little Mac match up. As I was figuring out how he was playing I was adapting to it.”

“At one point that I got pretty confident that I can take out his Little Mac and if we did do another set I can take it out then too.”

“But I didn’t want him to get there. So I’m glad I beat him then.”

He also remarked that he loves the Smash community here in the Philippines saying:

“Everyone is like the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life! Everyone is so friendly. Everyone is so easy to talk to. I try to make friends with everyone I play with here.”

“And there’s lot of good players out here too, the first time I came here I beat the Filipino players quite handily. The second time one of them took me out in winners bracket. And this time, I’ve had so many close matches in my whole run.”

” They just keep improving, improving, and improving and it’s getting harder and harder every time I’m come here.”

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