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Rev Major 2019: AMTRS | Score Scores Top Prize in Samurai Shodown
Posted by Raphael Leynes September 29, 2019

Samurai Shodown is definitely one of the newer games to be included in Rev Major 2019 but that didn’t stop a significant and devoted fanbase from coming through to play the game. A total of 46 people signed up on game day to compete in the intense slasher by SNK.

However, at the end of it all, there would be one name that reigned supreme through the mass of competition and that is Japan’s very own Akihito “Score” Sawada. Score absolutely demolished the competition, not losing a single round to anyone he faced on his journey to the Grand Finals. His final challenge was against fellow countryman KASHIYAMA| eda, who fought his way out of losers bracket and even taking out the last Filipino standing NM | Gempoid in the process.

Score was able to win the first match with his excellent zoning play using Haomaru but eda’s Genjuro would then rally in the second game dealing Score his first match loss of the entire tournament and tying the game at one apiece. Score would them jump back in the lead, trading perfect blocks with eda before whipping out a perfect punish to secure the match. At match point, Score would not be denied as he brutally enforced his will on eda, even disarming him but letting him pick his sword back up before mopping up the round and scooping up the championship.

When GG Network spoke to him after his emphatic victory, Score was quick to diffuse his success as “just luck”. However, you’ll have to forgive us if we think there’s got to more to it than that because Score also bagged the Rev Major 2019 King of Fighters Championship a little earlier in the day in a similarly dominating fashion.

We also asked the him how is he able to juggle and switch between two different games and play so well doing so and he had this to say:

It’s not just about doing the one game for a really long time, I play both these games in the same day. So if you do it everyday and practice them both at the same time, you can easily switch back and forth.

It’s clear that he’s taken a liking to the game, not having played the original but immediately jumping on to this latest iteration just days after its release. Score also won the championship for Samurai Shodown at the KVO Summer Mini Tournament 2019.


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