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Rev Major 2019: AMTRS|Score dominates The King of Fighters XIV
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 29, 2019

The Japanese veteran, Akihito “Score” Sawada opened his REV Major 2019 run with an impressive run to The King of Fighters XIV crown.

This isn’t the first time the game was featured at the premiere fighting event, with it being played out in REV Major 2017. This year’s roster of players included the previous champion, Peter “Papable Peter” Chua, Jr. and of course, The King of Fighters XIV veteran, Akihito “Score” Sawada.

The experience and class of Score was on full display from the very beginning after sweeping all of his opponents to earn a spot in the Upper Bracket Finals. It was here where he faced the REV Major 2017 champion, Papable Peter.

Even the former champion was no match for the might of Score as the Japanese veteran dismantled Papable Peter in three decisive games.

Being his first loss, Papable Peter dropped to the Lower Brackets where he faced SugarDaddy5278. Prior to the Lower Bracket Finals, it was the former champion that sent SugarDaddy5278 here after a close Upper Bracket semifinal match.

In the rematch, SugarDaddy5278 wasn’t only looking to claim a spot in the Grand Finals, but also look to claim revenge for falling to the Lower Bracket. It was revenge that he ultimately got and it was in as clean as he could get. SugarDaddy5278 swept Papable Peter and booked his ticket to the Grand Finals.

Despite the best efforts from SugarDaddy5278, Score just played on a different level. Score ended the tournament as champion with an unblemished record.

He would later on close the day by winning Samurai Shodown and when asked about doing so well with different games later on in the day, he defuses it as just “being lucky”.

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