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Rev Major 2019: BC Tachikawa reigns supreme in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 30, 2019

Japanese veteran, BC Tachikawa was crowned champion of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition at REV Major 2019 after a thrilling run.

Tachikawa maximized his visit to the Philippines having joined the tournament for three games – Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. But it was only the classic title that he found success.

The Japanese swept all his opponents on his way to the Upper Bracket Finals. Among those that were in his path of destruction were the Filipino veteran, Jermaine “burningangel” Reyes and the Korean veteran, Jeon “Jeondding Sang-hyun.

In the Upper Bracket, Tachikawa faced up against one of the seasoned veterans of the local scene, Donald “PBE|Don” Gimperoso. The Japanese may have dropped one game to the Filipino but in the end, it was Tachikawa that earned his spot in the Grand Finals.

The loss sent Don to the Lower Bracket where he was set on a collision course with his teammate, James “PBE Jamse Prado. Coming into the Lower Bracket Finals, Jamse manage to keep alive in the Lower Bracket after a sweep in the hands of Jeondding.

“Keeping alive” was easier said than done especially with the talent that Jamse had to face to get to the Lower Bracket Finals. The list included burningangel, Ryan “FCHAMPRYAN [AKA Filipino Champ or FChamp]” Ramirez, and fellow PBE teammate Alex “PBE.BuLLy69” Lim.

The momentum was on Jamse‘s side and ultimately inched out of the Lower Bracket Finals in an exciting 3-1 victory over Don.

Being the only Filipino left in the tournament, Jamse had the crowd behind him the entire time but the Japanese veteran just refused to give in and closed out the series and the tournament in four games.

Tachikawa, while crowned the champion, had one more ‘opponent’ to face. It was none other than the legend, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. Much to the excitement of the audience [as well as the casters, Dr.Jimmy and Billy], of course.

The cheers and screams of those in attendance at REV Major 2019 filled The Tent following the ‘exhibition match’, a final boss battle. Despite having been to the country a third time, Tachikawa was gracious and grateful for the continued support and passion that the local community has for fighting games.

“This is my third time in the Philippines and I’ve always found the crowd always so hype and warm. The players, like the crowd, are always so passionate. This year, I was caught off-guard with just how much bigger the venue was. Makes me even more excited to competing here next year,” he mentioned in our interview with the SFV AE champion.

Aside from winning the SFV tournament AND getting to play with Daigo Umehara, Tachikawa also earned a spot at the Last Chance Qualifier of Red Bull Kumite this December 21, 2019. Red Bull Kumite is a global professional tournament featuring Street Fighter V with the global finals to be held at Aichi Sky Expo, Tokoname, Aichi Japan this coming Dec 22, 2019.


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