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REV Major 2019: c(x) BladedSnake bags SoulCalibur title!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 29, 2019

Kyle “c(x) BladedSnake” Bartolome took home the Soulcalibur VI title which concluded on the first day of REV Major 2019.

This is the first time the title was featured at the event and has brought together the Soulcalibur community not just in the country, but also the region.

c(x) BladedSnake held his own and hung on to his Upper Bracket spot throughout the tournament, surviving even a close Upper Bracket finals match between him and fellow Cubao Experience teammate c(x) MelPoli. After dropping ot the Lower Bracket, c(x) Melpoli was determined to make it a “Cubao Experience” Grand Finals and did exactly that after dismantling GM | SideStepLance in the Lower Brack Finals.

The two players from traded games in the Grand Finals and at the fourth round of the final game, c(x)BladedSnake smelled the championship as he took an early health lead against his teammate. The lead and well-timed combos sealed the deal and allowed c(x)BladedSnake to raise the trophy.

He celebrated the win for himself, as well as for the community. As he mentioned, “Yung goal namin talaga sa community is mapick up yung SoulCalibur. Kahit saan kami makapunta wala talaga kaming paki. Hahaha! Ang importante sa amin, good showing for everybody.” [Our goal as a community is to get more people to pick up SoulCalibur. Where ever we go as a community and compete, we really don’t mind. Haha! What’s importante to us is that we have a good showing for everybody.]

Despite having roots in Tekken, he fell in love with SoulCalibur VI and its community. It was a collecive effort from the community who felt like there was a need to “protect the land” and it worked out in the end as the top three were all Filipinos.

The appreciation for the international players was present despite the clear contrast in playstyle: the Filipinos played a more aggressive game against the more defensive and calculating style of the international players.

Gusto ko lang ipakita na I work hard for this game na maganda ang performance. Gusto ko na hindi disappointing panoorin yung Soulcalibur,” [I just want to show that I work hard for this game and that my [and our] performance was good. I just didn’t want to disappoint the audience with our performance in SoulCalibur,] c(x)BladedSnake ended.

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