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REV Major 2019: Fenritti Dominates BlazBlue Tournament
Posted by Martin Patino on September 29, 2019

CAG.Fenritti, known for his proficiency in 2D fighting games and his immaculate Dragon Ball FighterZ play, showed off the extent of his skill at REV Major 2019 with a dominating championship run in the event’s BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament.

His bracket run consisted of taking down acruis, Filipinos CGP/ABC Champo and SMAP.Nas and his would-be grand finals opponent, Asher from Singapore. Fenritti’s duo of Mitsuru and Yuzuhira allowed him to both zone out and get up close to his opponents when he wished, giving him a lot of options against whoever he had to face.

His dominating run would be somewhat threatened though as he went against Iwashi in the winners finals where the two pros would start the match off with one game each. But Fenritti began to slowly pull away from Iwashi in the next two games and ultimately secured his spot in the tournament’s grand finals.

On the other hand, Asher, after his winners semi-finals loss against Fenritti, would climb back up through the losers bracket beating both Jerome and AG.DivisionRing before facing Iwashi in the losers finals. While it was an incredibly close match that looked like it was going to go the way of Iwashi, Asher was able to pull through and take the second spot in the grand finals.

In spite of Asher’s momentum from the losers bracket, it wasn’t enough to gain significant ground against Fenritti in the grand finals. Fenritti was still able to maintain his control of the match and swept Asher 3-0 to claim the championship. 

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