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REV Major 2019: Fenritti’s Immaculate Play Lands Him Dragon Ball FighterZ Trophy
Posted by Martin Patino on September 30, 2019

After a convincing win in the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament at REV Major 2019, Japan’s CAG.Fenritti bagged another trophy at the annual multi-title fighting game event with a beautiful victory in the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament.

Fenritti was against tough competition in the top 8. Given that the event was also a Tenkaichi DBFZWT event, he had to face fellow Japanese competitors including tako956402 and maddo. While his match against tako956402 was rather close, ending 2-1 in his favor, he ended up having an easier time against maddo in the winners finals, sweeping the latter 3-0.

Despite being swept by Fenritti in the winners finals, maddo persevered and defeated Xuses.Matoi in the losers finals to get another shot against Fenritti in the grand finals.

In spite being down 0-2, Maddo was able to convincingly grab a game against Fenritti and looked like he was gaining control of the match. But even after leaving Fenritti with only Super Saiyan Vegeta against his Kid Buu and Kid Goku, a crucial dropped combo by maddo gave Fenritti the opportunity to finish out the game and the tournament with an amazing Final Flash.

Talking about those final moments in the grand finals, Fenritti said, “I was really nervous during the fight and when I get nervous I mispress buttons and I end up losing because of that. Although this time even if I did mispress a button, I still won and I’m really happy about that but I want to fix that habit.”

We asked Fenritti how he prepared for the tournament and he said “Before I came, I was doing research on the people participating in the event and the people I might fight against. But I didn’t know who was participating from the Philippines so I mostly researched players from other countries and those from Japan. Basically, that’s how I prepared.”

Finally, on his thoughts on REV Major 2019 and the local community, he said, “I think everyone is really warm because everyone is hyped for Dragon Ball. In Japan, Dragon Ball is also famous but we’re really shy so we don’t hype up as much as the Filipino community so I was really happy about it.”

In total, Fenritti concluded REV Major 2019 with three championships in three titles – BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and even the BlazBlue Central Fiction side tournament.

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