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Rev Major 2019: JRBata Takes Home The Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Championship
Posted by Raphael Leynes on September 29, 2019

If Samurai Showdown was the newest game at Rev Major 2019, then Marvel Versus Capcom 2 is definitely the oldest. However despite its age, the game still had 68 total contestants who competed in Capcom’s tag team classic.

MvC2 has had a resurgence as of late, thanks to Playbook and Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez continually revitalizing and regrowing the scene. Thanks to this new renaissance, the game is garnering new players as well as getting back a lot of the games’ local old guard.

For Rev Major 2019, it’s from this old guard that your Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Champion, JR “JRBata” Zafra came from, having played the game from as far back in its arcade glory days in 2002. Fighting his way from the losers bracket, he arrived at Grand Finals facing down another OG in the scene: Chrismags.

Out of the gate, JRBata’s team of Magneto, Storm, and Psylocke sped off to a blazing start capturing the first game of the set. Chrismags’ team of Sentinel, Storm and Psylocke would rally however, with Sentinel carrying the load taking out all three of JRBata’s characters consecutively in one run.

JRBata’s Magneto will return the favor in the second match, taking out two characters and forcing the reset for one final showdown.

At the reset, JRBata would not be denied exhibiting a stoic calm as his Magneto-led squad blitzed Chrismag’s team, barreling through to two quick wins and securing the championship.

When GG Network got a chance to talk to JRBata, he revealed that it was his old arcade days buddy Filipino Champ that pushed him to claim this win. He stated that he hung on to his “Kuya Ryan’s” words from an earlier conversation where FChamp told the man from Cubao “Kayang Kaya mo yan! (You can really do this) So you need to win this.”

JRBata also attributes much of this win to the confidence and good will that FChamp and the rest of Playbook PH showed to him in this recent MVC 2 resurgence.

Finally when we asked about how he managed to remain stone cold calm even with the intense pressure resting on his shoulders he had this to say:

“Natural lang lang yung magka feelings and kabahan ka. Pero habang tumatagal kailangan mong mag-adjust at at mag-laro ng maayos. Kaya yun yung ginawa ko.”

(It’s natural to get those feelings and get nervous. But at the match goes on, you have to adjust and just play well. So that’s what I did)

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