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Rev Major 2019: LowHigh becomes back-to-back Rev Major Tekken 7 Champion
Posted by Raphael Leynes September 30, 2019

In anything Tekken 7 related, I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up that the Philippines is Tekken Country. I mean, it might as well say so on the Department of Tourism brochure. That being said, it’s no surprise that Bandai Namco’s seminal brawler is the main event in Rev Major 2019, the biggest fighting game tournament in the country.

This year, an astronomical 386 people over 8 Pools signed up to play Tekken 7, a clear testament of the popularity of the game in the country. It doesn’t hurt that Rev Major has also just become a Masters level tournament and is the first stop on the Tekken World Tour for Tekken Season 3. As such, all the big names have come out to play this year including JDCR, Knee, Saint, JEONDDING, YUYU, Tanukana, Qudans, AK, Doujin, and defending Rev Major champion LowHigh.

In the iconic words of caster prolific Tasty Steve, there is sure to be some “Good-ass Tekken” to be played here.

Day One of REV Major was exactly that. With the pools of talent all whittling down to the Top 8 before the day ends, we’ve seen players pull out all the stops, spring some new tricks, dish out and take vicious beat downs all around. The day was also marked by a significant amount of stunning upsets most notably, crowd favorite JEONDDING gets sent home in Top 16 by Chanel; Tanukana eliminated in Pools; Qudans, Knee, and returning OG veteran Dimeback all failing to get into the top 8; and local hometown heroes, AK, Doujin, and Vermillion failing to get in deep and drowning in pools.

When Tekken Day One was done only 8 of the best remained standing: JDCR, Nobi, Eyemusician, Gen, Chanel, Rangchu, Chikurin, and LowHigh.

Day two started out with a battle for supremacy between the competitors from Japan and Korea. Powered by the crowd, NOBI sent perennial powerhouse JDCR into the Loser’s Bracket with a stunning 2-0 upset. Gen would then do the same thing to defending Champion LowHigh in a scintillating 2-1 series. In the Winner’s Final best of 5, NOBI dropped Gen to Loser’s in four games, with NOBI himself advancing to the Grand Finals.

Meanwhile in the Loser’s Bracket, Chanel eliminated Chikurin 2-1 while crowd favorite Eyemusician, who had given everybody a masterclass of Yoshimitsu, would fall to Rangchu. In Loser’s Quarters, Chanel decisively got sent home by LowHigh in two games while Rangchu pulled off a stunning 2-0 rout of JDCR, sending him packing. In Loser’s semis LowHigh would get the better of Rangchu 2 games to 1.

Closing off the Loser’s Bracket in Losers Finals and fighting for the right to face off against NOBI in the Grand Finals, was LowHigh versus the man that put him in Loser’s Bracket to begin with: Gen. LowHigh would eventually get his revenge, beating Gen 3-1 and sent him home.

And then there were two.

In one corner, fighting out of Loser’s, Rev Major 2018 Tekken 7 champion, Sun Woong “LowHigh”  Youn. In the other, a man who has garnered the adoration of the Rev Major 2019 crowd, thanks to his treatment of his would-be “son”, Nakayama “NOBI” Daichi.

Right off the gates NOBI jumped out to an early lead and took the first game in the series with his exemplary Dragunov play. However as the saying goes: never count out the heart of a champion, as LowHigh quickly blitzed his opponent with three straight games resetting the bracket for one final set between the two. LowHigh’s Shaheen wreaked havoc in the match up by relentlessly throwing out pokes that didn’t do much damage on their own but added up in the long run. In the end, despite the crowd firmly behind him, a catastrophic combo drop sealed the deal for NOBI making LowHigh the first ever two-time Rev Major Tekken 7 champion.

GG Network had a chance to talk to LowHigh after his epic performance and shared a little bit about his thoughts during the final match-up:

“The other’s expected Knee to win, but since Knee (was eliminated) I wanted to bring home the big win.”

When asked about how he feels about being a two-time Rev Major Champion, he had this to say:

“I thought it was going to be so hard because I lost a few crucial games throughout. But since I was the only Korean left I had to win this game for my friends and country.”

The Tekken 7 tournament in general was undoubtedly a big success at the show. Between the amazing crowd, the crazy moments, the awesome production and of course, that good-ass Tekken, it certainly was one for the ages. The best part was that the creator of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada himself was in attendance through it all, and witnessed all of the spectacular moments with us.

At the very end of show he addressed the crowd, citing how awe-inspiring the reception was and even throwing everyone a little tease as gratitude at the end.

“I love the Philippines. The crowd is the loudest I’ve ever heard for Tekken and maybe it’s time for us to make a second Filipino character”


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