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REV Major 2019: RSG.Seo Wins Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] With Almost Flawless Run
Posted by Martin Patino on September 29, 2019

Singaporean fighting game pro Nicholas “RSG.Seo” Choo blazed through the Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] event at REV Major 2019 with an almost flawless run that saw him only drop 3 out of his 17 games across his 6 matches in the tournament.

After defeating mariuzz, NT Noboru, KTAE Ikaros in the first few rounds of the bracket, Seo came against ShotShell3. While Seo ultimately won that match, it was the first time he dropped a game in the tournament.

In the winners final, Seo went against his would-be grand finals opponent, Ashley “Asher” Seek, who he quickly defeated 3-0 to seal his spot in the grand finals. Asher wasn’t deterred with the sweep though as he came back with his own sweep in the Losers Finals against KTAE.Somemadcat to get his rematch against Seo.

The grand finals between Seo and Asher initially felt like a repeat of the winners finals as Seo was easily able to take two straight games to quickly bring the grand finals to match point. Seo’s relentless juggles and mix ups with Byakuya made it hard for Asher to gain any ground during the first two games.

Asher was able to hold on though as he successfully took the third game of the match to bring the score to 2-1 in favor of Seo.

In a surprise turn of events, Seo decided to switch characters to Merkava to mirror Asher in the fourth game, which ended up being a disadvantageous decision as Asher easily took control to tie up the series. With both players at match point, Seo went back to Byakuya and secured the last game of the series and the tournament.

For his preparations for the tournament and his thoughts on the grand finals against Asher, Seo said, “It was mostly lab work and playing online. My main game is Dragon Ball so I mostly rely on my fundamentals to get me through. The grand finals was against Ashley, who is a Singaporean I always fight against every Wednesday. So it was really like a casual match to me.”

We asked him for his thoughts on the playing in UNIST in the Philippines and he said, “It’s my first time fighting a lot of Filipinos because I rarely can come to the Philippines and I see a lot of strong players from the Philippines. It was quite fun. It was my first time I fought so many UNIST players in one place.”

Seo participated in six of the 12 events at REV Major 2019, including Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st], Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2, Samurai Shodown, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and SoulCalibur VI.

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