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REV Major 2019: Shun Breezes Through Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Championship
Posted by Martin Patino on September 29, 2019

It wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Shun shocked and impressed everyone at REV Major 2019 as he successfully executed a practically perfect run in the event’s Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 tournament.

He successfully swept every single one of his opponents throughout the tournament with his relentless and creative Baiken play. Once at the winners finals, even Maddo’s Venom, who also had a mostly uncontested run at the tournament, was unable to stop Shun’s assault.

Shun made convincing work on Maddo, quickly sealing his seat in the grand finals. Maddo would get another chance against Shun though as he bounced back in the losers finals against Kashiyama.Eda with a sweep of his own and taking the second spot in the grand finals.

The final match of the tournament didn’t go much differently though and felt like a repeat of the winners finals as Shun once again took control of every round. While there were rounds where it seemed like Maddo was turning things around, Shun was able to maintain his composure and close out the rounds in his favor.

Ultimately, Shun convincingly swept Maddo once again to seal his victory in the tournament. While many of the competitors at REV Major 2019 joined more than one tournament, it looks like focusing on just one was advantageous for Shun, as seen in his performance and results.

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