REVIEW: Become the Strongest Combatant in King of Fighters Final Battle – AllStar
Posted by Yuri Mangahas July 02, 2020

SNK  and VNG has now brought the King of Fighters franchise to an entirely new playing field with the release of King of Fighters Final Battle – AllStar. While the game features new elements, it does not forsake the series’ familiar elements altogether.

A Battle of “Multiversal” Proportions

The story is set in an alternate timeline where the worlds of Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade converged with the KOF universe. After engaging in the final round of the KOF tournament, Kyo Kusanagi and his friends were sucked by a wormhole to an unfamiliar world, with no recollection of their last battle. After reclaiming their lost memories, Kyo and the gang scramble to restore the timeline and go back to their homeworld.



The story follows an episodic format in its initial stages, as Kyo and his friends have to break their way through the KOF tournament and win as champions. However, as the story moves along, an overarching tale gets unraveled, and things become more interesting.



It feels nice to see the KOF protagonists converse with characters from The Last Blade and Samurai Shodown. There are moments where the characters seemingly cross the fourth line and play coy with one another. While some lines were awkwardly translated, it does not prove detrimental to the fun flavor of the story.

Of Cards and Fists

Unlike other strategy card games, KOFFBAS leverages a mix of fighting game elements and real-time card dynamics akin to the MegaMan Battle Network series. Each turn constitutes a set of cards that represents the characters’ movesets. The player may utilize the cards to create a string of combos to build enough power for special attacks. 



The game employs a gacha element that allows players to “recruit” other fighters to the team. With enough luck, you may snag an SSR Iori or a five-star Haohmaru for your roster. Moreover, the story progression provides opportunities for players to add more characters to the fold. Building your dream team should be easy as long as you remain active in the game.

KOFFBAS also features mini-games that help the player restore energy, collect diamonds, or secure resources for power-up. Some of these mini-games include running sequences, training sessions, and dart contests. Try these out, and you should be able to continue your game in no time. 


Final Thoughts

King of Fighters Final Battle – AllStar reintroduces the franchise to an accessible medium and provides a gateway for casual gamers to appreciate the quirks of the KOF, The Last Blade, and Samurai Shodown titles. Looking for a casual mobile game with challenging elements? KOFFBAS might be the game for your tastes.

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