Sibol Spotlight | Boomy
Posted by Ram Ronquillo November 15, 2019

The Dota 2 roster for Sibol comprises of Jun ‘Bok’ Kanehara, John Anthony ‘Natsumi-‘ Vargas, Mc Nicholson ‘Mac’ Villanueva, and Bryle Jacob ‘CML’ Alvizo , Van Jerico ‘Van’ Manalaysay and James Erice ‘Erice’ Guerra. At the helm is Marvin Salvador ‘Boomy’ Rushton, the captain on whose shoulders rest the team’s efforts in the upcoming 30th SEA Games.

Boomy is no stranger to competitive Dota 2, having been in teams since 2013. He’s known to play Carry roles in the past, but would eventually settle into a Support role, especially when he took on team leadership. But the road wasn’t paved with success immediately. Boomy and his 2017 team Clutch Gaming would make a bid for The Manila Masters, EPICENTER 2017, and Mars Dota 2 League; however, their efforts fell short.

The uphill climb to success wasn’t easy for the Cebuano. It would seem like he and his team would always dominate the qualifiers, but always bowed when it came time to shine. Despite the challenges however, the 26-year-old veteran stayed his course and chased after the dream of winning big tournaments and making a name for himself on the world’s stage.

From 2018’s Team Admiral came a change into Team Adroit. The Cebu-based squad would find themselves gaining momentum, having qualified in both ESL One Clash of Nations and MDL Chengdu Major. The big win for the team came knocking in the form of Sibol – Dota 2, the country’s representatives in the Dota 2 medaled event for the 30th SEA Games. While they weren’t directly invited to be part of the team, Adroit powered through the qualifiers and earned their spot on the Sibol roster.

Sibol – Dota 2 coach Paolo “SNDATA” Bago did not find it difficult selecting the captain for the team. Playing through countless matches in practice and in tournaments gave Boomy the experience he will need to outmaneuver Sibol’s SEA Games opponents. Leadership would only be honed by challenges and the will to overcome them, no matter how difficult; something Boomy has learned well in his career.

“As a captain of the team, ako yung magdidictate o magdadala kung ano yung dapat gawin namin sa mga laro,” [As a captain of the team, I’m the one that will dictate or be the decided force behind what we do in the games] Boomy says with a wry smile.

Being captain is a privilege for sure, but for Boomy, he’s aware of the weight on his shoulders. “It means a lot for me to be the captain for the National Team pero nervous din ako. Kasi di ko alam kung ako ba yung karapat-dapat na maging captain.” [It means a lot for me to be the captain for the National Team but at the same time, I’m pretty nervous. I don’t know if I am deserving of the captaincy.]

Nerves are a given for athletes, no matter the sport. More than a detriment however, Boomy sees it as a way to ground himself, to never loose sight of the goal, to embody the ideal of “Lakad Matatag”: to walk strong against all challenges.

“Bilang captain, kailangan ko i-guide yung teammates ko, pero syempre, andiyan din sina coach para tulungan ako at yung team.” [As the captain, I need to guide my teammates through, but of course, I’ll have the help of coach (Bago) to help me as well as the team.]

Boomy and the rest of Sibol – Dota 2 will be working on the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019-2020 before they resume their boot camp in preparation for the 30th SEA Games. Coach Bago has confirmed that despite their hectic schedule, the team is fully committed to Sibol and their training.

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