Smart Mobile Gaming League: Bortoloy1 swept their way to victory in the Mobile Legends tournament

With only four teams that joined the Smart Mobile Gaming League – Mobile Legends tournament, it was then decided to go directly to the semi-final match-ups on the second day. In the end, it was the team of Bortoloy1 that emerged victorious in the grand finals where they will then represent Bacolod in the upcoming main event.


One of the semi-finals was a match between the teams of XNTN and SaveTheDay.

Before the 10-minute mark in the first game, XNTN managed to get a 7-0 kill lead over their opponents which supposedly should have put them in a favorable position to snowball the game. But past that time, the team of SaveTheDay began to rack up their own kills starting off with catching XNTN’s Freya alone in the top lane. From here on out, momentum was starting to lean heavily onto SaveTheDay’s side which they effectively used to their advantage by continually exploiting their opponents’ fatal mistakes. XNTN-0, SaveTheDay-1.

In the second game, despite their efforts of keeping the kill gap small between them, XNTN was still not able to fend off the relentless push of SaveTheDay after the latter dominated the siege and objective control in most of the game. Around the 14-minute mark, SaveTheDay managed to ace XNTN near their base which then translated to the end of the game. XNTN-0, SaveTheDay-2.

With this win, SaveTheDay will then be meeting Bortoloy1 in the grand finals after the latter won a previous semi-finals match against their own opponent, RAK.

Grand Finals

Compared to the semi-finals, the grand finals was a best-of-5 series instead of best-of-3.

The first game of the series was similar to the previous semi-finals’ Game 2 between XNTN and SaveTheDay, but with SaveTheDay on the sharp end of the spear instead. Bortoloy1 only gave one tower to their opponents and dominantly ended the game at the 16-minute mark.

Games 2 and 3, on the other hand, were simply a more defining display of superiority as Bortoloy1 stomped SaveTheDay in both games. Notably, it was Bortoloy1’s sway who carried his team with his fancy mobility on Fanny and his deadly mechanics on Hayabusa. SaveTheDay-0, Bortoloy1-3.

With this victory, Bortoloy1 has then become the winner of the Bacolod-leg Mobile Legends tournament and the representative of Bacolod for the main event of the Smart Mobile Gaming League.

The next leg of the Smart Mobile Gaming League will be coming to Manila starting this July 8 & 9.