Smart Mobile Gaming League: Popo reigned supreme in the Clash Royale tournament

Out of 16 participants in the Smart Mobile Gaming League – Clash Royale tournament’s double-elimination, a single player, Popo, went the distance in order to take the title of Bacolod’s champion. Here’s what transpired in Day 2 of the event as the upper and lower brackets came to an end and converged at the grand finals.

Upper & Lower Bracket Finals

The finals for both brackets featured a best-of-5 series as compared to the previous matches’ best-of-3.

For the upper bracket finals, Popo and Miguel went head-to-head in order to decide which one of them will advance to the grand finals and secure a 1-win advantage. Much to the dismay of Miguel, he was no match against Popo in the first game as the soon-to-be champion managed to win with three crowns in the bag. The next two games were no different as Popo showed off his superiority by pressuring Miguel’s lanes over and over again with his Golem picks. Popo-3, Miguel-0.

With Popo having emerged victorious in the upper bracket finals, Miguel dropped down to the lower bracket and fought IG-Romeo in another finals match. For the first game, Miguel showed some sign of life after being demolished in his previous match and took down IG-Romeo with a Hog Rider rush in the sudden death. Unfortunately for him, IG-Romeo went forward to win the next three games by going for multiple air assaults which Miguel couldn’t respond to very well. Miguel-1, IG-Romeo-3.

Grand Finals

Up next was the final match-up of the tournament where Popo met IG-Romeo in a best-of-7 series. Popo entered the series with a 1-win advantage which seemingly had no pressure over IG-Romeo as he managed to win two straight games from the get-go. The next three games were a tug-of-war, however, as both sides stubbornly traded wins with each other. This then led to a final and seventh game where Popo’s forced Golem rush in the end managed to clinch the victory in the sudden death. Popo-4, IG-Romeo-3.

With this victory, Popo has become the winner of the Bacolod-leg Clash Royale tournament and the representative of Bacolod for the main event of the Smart Mobile Gaming League.

The next leg of the Smart Mobile Gaming League will be coming to Manila starting this July 8 & 9.