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Stardew Valley will get a new farm map and separate bank accounts in 1.4 update
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on April 30, 2019

Stardew Valley creator, Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone has just announced a big change in the 1.4 update of the game which includes a new farm map called Four Corners and separate money in multiplayer.

Barone announced this via twitter where he mentioned that the new farm map is perfect for the separate money option in multiplayer. An option that he says was highly requested within the community.

Players will have to go to the Mayor’s house in order to separate (or join) the money at any point in the game. This goes the same for those with existing multiplayer farms. When separating the money, it will be split evenly among the players. While for new multiplayer farms the option can be set at the start.

As for Four Corners, Barone explains that things like the cave, the mine, and the community center, etc. are still shared. Players will still have to work towards the common goals.

There was more to the photo that meets the eye. It looks like the update will also include new content like new hair, a jukebox, something that looks like a carpenter’s table, among others.

Barone has confirmed that PC will receive the update first but it will be released for console and mobile as well. A release date was not mentioned but it may be sooner than it seems.


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