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Super-Suit Red Carpet: All the Sizzling Looks from Spider-Man: Far From Home
Posted by Raphael Leynes on January 17, 2019

Welcome to the Super-Suit Red Carpet where we separate the Fashion Heroes from the Fashion Zeroes! We’ve got quite the edition in store for you today with the suits on display from Spider-Man: Far From Home so let’s get to it!

Superior Spider-Suit

Spider-Man in Stark Industries

We start off with this black and red ensemble that has a similar cut and feel to last year’s Homecoming design. This minimalist new take replaces the blue areas of the previous suit with bold swathes of black making it more appropriate for stealth-wear than everyday crime-fighting.

Hero or Zero?: Overall, I find this color treatment to the suit a bit boring and tawdry. By replacing a lot of the colored areas with black, it loses some of the interesting detail and trim of the original look. Nods to the Superior Spider-Man suit aside, this one is quite one note-and that note is “uninteresting”. ZERO!

Stealth Suit

Spider-Man in Espionage by Fury

It would seem like black is all the rage this season as shown by this all-black Stealth Suit re-imagining of the classic Spider-Man look. The suit features slick, flip-down goggles on top of a ski-mask, a common favorite in spywear. The suit also uses another espionage go-to, the turtleneck sweater, as a backdrop for the suit’s matte black chest armor and shoulder pauldrons.

Hero or Zero?: This stealth suit is my favorite of the night. It features quite a bit more armor than what we’re used to seeing on Spider-Man which makes me think that the suit might not be as particularly  advanced as the previous Spider-Suits. However, overall, I think that that it does a fine job incorporating traditional espionage clothing with the iconic Spider-Man style.  HERO!


Quentin Beck in Mysterio. Designed by wearer.

This little number designed by newcomer Quentin Beck himself and is very reminiscent of Asgardian chic. Everything from the cape’s configuration and color as well as the scale mail pattern on the suit’s arms and legs just scream “Thor!“. The layered chest armor also seems to take a little inspiration from Stark Industries’ famous Iron-Man line. However, the suit’s lantern-like gauntlets and pearlescent dome helmet as well as the All-Seeing-Eye imagery are all original and seem plucked straight out of their comic book roots.

Hero or Zero?: I think it’s quite a bold statement to design your own threads for the Super-Suit Red Carpet--that goes double if its your debut outing. Beck gets some serious brownie points from me on that one. That being said, there seem to be a few elements of the suit that are very conspicuously derivative, which is unfortunate.  Perhaps this is Beck channeling the heroes he wants so eagerly to be a part of and it all comes through in the design. All in all though, the whole look is more than the sum of its parts and the original pieces are enough to elevate it to greatness. HERO!

Nick Fury

Nicolas J. Fury in Same Old, Same Old.

It should come as no surprise that Nick Fury has chosen to wear yet another coat and turtleneck ensemble with an eyepatch. What’s that? A clip-on collar for your turtleneck? How avant-garde of you, sir.

Hero or Zero?: Oh man, Nick Fury. Where to start with this one, huh? Look we get it, when you’re the World’s Top Cop/ Undercover Agent you have more important things to worry about than stylin’ and profilin’ but seriously you gotta change it up a little bit every once in a while, my dude. This is just flat out lazy. ZERO!

P.S.  Please don’t kill us Mr. Fury, sir. We admire your work, sir.

There you have it all the sizzling looks from the Spider-Man: Far From Home Super Suit Red Carpet! What did you think of the night? What were you’re favorite highlights? Let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook page!

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