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The Best Things We Saw at TOYCON 2019: A Photo Blog
Posted by Raphael Leynes on July 02, 2019

Toycon 2019 happened last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, MOA Pasay and what a convention it was! We saw so many awesome, funny and cool things that we had to share the experience!

Here are the best things we saw last weekend at Toycon 2019!

Perfectly Balanced

In this entry to the Toycon Toy Photography Exhibit, Photographer Peter Paul Magtira perfectly captures the Mad Titan Thanos demonstrating his grand plan to balance the universe with his sick pirouette skills.

The Massive Imperial Batman Statue!

This thing was towering over the convention floor at a massive 22-feet in height! This belongs in the Batcave right between the T-Rex and the giant coin!

You’ll Float Too!

Prince De Guzman once again embodies the nightmarish, otherworldy Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT to frightening effect. He never broke character when people would take pictures with him and he’d often lunge or snarl at unsuspecting people mid-photo to catch them by surprise! For all we know this could have been the actual Pennywise and we’d be none the wiser.

People “Flocked” the Jollibee Funko in Droves!

One of the biggest events at this year’s Toycon was the release of the much-anticipated Flocked Variant of the Jollibee Funko Pop. As expected, hordes of people lined-up at the Jollibee Restaurant-themed booth to grab their own for the ultimate take-out pasalubong. The Funko Pop was so popular and highly sought after that there were reports from all over social media of the toy retailing for upwards of 15, 000 Pesos!

Kakashi And Crew Rocking Out

In one of the best and most rip-roaring performances we saw on the main stage, this dude in the Kakashi-inspired cosplay was a rocking his heart out with all the force of a full blown chidori! You go Kakashi Sensei!

Rumble Royale’s Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale!

Our friends over at Rumble Royale hosted a grand Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament over the weekend to the excitement of would-be contestants, passers-by and spectators alike. The Tournament functioned like a Battle Royale wherein each player had a starting set of five lives. During the course of Toycon Weekend, any player may challenge another in a Rock-Papers-Scissors duel betting any number of lives. In addition to ultimate bragging rights, the player with the most number of lives on each day of Toycon would be entitled to select one prize from the pool: Either a Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, or a whopping 10, 000 PHP!

The lucky little girl in the last picture was the grand champion of the second day and got to take home a brand spanking new Nintendo switch for her trouble!

Awesome Toy Displays

What would Toycon be without the toys? Below are some the finest, funniest, coolest and quirkiest toy displays that we saw at the show. There were Smash Bros-Themed Displays, Crossovers of different magnitudes and multiverses, and even Transformers X  TWICE?

Nendoroid Love

We’re a long way from Hogmeade.

Display by Nendoroid Philippines


Display by Metal Gear Solid Philippines

Truly A Wonder

Display by Wonder Woman Collectors PH

I’m Gonna TakeYou For A Ride

Turtle Power!

Display by Rob Benet

FFVII Remake Hype!

Display by Square Enix Collectors PH



Display by Myke Dela Paz and Phoenix Force Creations



Display by Yan Perez and Pinoy One-Sixth Kollectors

We Can Do This All Day

Display by Juan 6+ Kolektors

Transformers X …. TWICE?

We’re Bad Guys, It’s What We Do

Ah Sh*t Here We Go Again

Hey DC, I Think We Know How to Fix Your Cinematic Universe


Display by Chopsuey Toy Collectors Group

The Shot




Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossov….


The Gang’s All Here


Display by Bring Arts Philippines

*Cha-La! Head Cha-La Intensifies*



Display by Dragonball Tambayan PH

Spider-Family Values

Amazing Statues from Maxi Collector!


















Did we miss any of your favorite hidden gems? Let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page!

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