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The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for D.C. patch notes
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on April 06, 2019

The first major update to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is here! Patch 1.05 or Invasion: Battle for D.C. introduces World Tier 5, a new Stronghold, Tidal Basin, Heroic difficulty, three gear sets, and Weekly Invaded Missions.  Along with this, it brings adjustments to talents, weapons, mods, weapon attachments and so much more.

Tidal Basin is the Black Tusk Stronghold and is the last stronghold required to unlock World Tier 5. In World Tier 5, players will be able to unlock the new gear score cap of 500, Heroic difficulty for main missions and Strongholds, and Weekly Invaded Missions.

The new three gear sets introduced in the patch are the Ongoing Directive, True Patriot, and Hard Wired. Each set has unique mechanics to play around. Ongoing Directive is all about utility and dealing damage like burn and bleed. True Patriot is all about managing debuffs and capitalizing on the debuffs. Lastly, Hard Wired is all about shock duration and helps with skills through skill health, skill power, and cooldowns.

Like the new gear sets, they’ve added in two new exotic weapons – the Light Machine Gun, Pestilence and the Marksman Rifle, Nemesis.

While we’re on the topic of weapons, some of the weapon adjustments include:

The rate of fire (or rounds per minute/RPM) of LVOA-C rifle increased from 240 to 380
The damage on the MK17 rifle reduced by 14%
LW M4 damage increased by 5% and RPM increased from 240 to 360
Model 700 marksman rifle damage reduced by 13%
AA12 shotgun damage increased by 16%
MG5 Light Machine Gun damage increased by 12%

Along with these, the critical damage and headshot damage that roll on gear including the amount on existing gear was reduced.

Aside from weapons and their respective attributes, two skills were also revamped. The first is the Sniper variant of the Turret skill. It now automatically targets the hostile nearest to the players’ center-of-screen and fire at the target when the button is pressed without a lock-on order needed. The Sniper Turret will now also attempt to match the aim when a player aims at a hostile for more precision shots when using the Sniper variant.

The second revamped skill is the Chem Launcher. Pressing the skill button will now equip the Chem Launcher similar to swapping to a weapon. This allows players to aim and shoot with weapon controls. Unequipping can be done but using the skill button or swapping weapons.

Skill mods were also give some love. They now give more achievable requirements and reasonable bonuses.

While two talents were adjusted. These being Blind Justice and First Blood. The buff that increases damage from Blind Justice to your next shot now expires at the end of combat and when out of combat. A small quality of life adjustment to the normalized marksman rifle talent First Blood text to explain that the first shot after reloading from empty is the enhanced bullet.

Even the NPCs had some adjustments this update with NPC the damage of their automatic shotguns and SMGs lowered.

One change specifically for PC is that they’ve added in a Field of View slider, which was one of the more popular requests from the community.

The update also brings in the first Apparel Event, aptly called Invasion. Throughout the event that runs until May 2, players can earn apparel inspired by the enemy factions in DC. Completing Apparel Projects and participating in other activities yield Invasion Apparel Cache Keys used to open unique Invasion caches. A unique reward is unlocked once players complete all items in the Invasion cache. This reward can only be obtained while the event is active.

These are just a few of the changes that the massive 7GB update brought along with it. For the rest of the details, read it here.

Featured photo courtesy of microsoft.com


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