The International 2017 Group A: Liquid claims top seed, TNC clinches Upper Bracket

Last up for the International 2017 Group Stage was the fourth and final day of deciding how the Main Event shapes up to be. With only a single set of four best-of-two matches left, Group A breezed through the middle of the day with their perfect series of sweeps. And at the end of it, the standings hardly changed at all with only the swap of Team Secret and iG.Vitality’s positions in the Lower Bracket taking place.

Here are the latest standings and seedings after Day 4:

Kicking off Group A’s set was a match between Team Secret and Team Liquid, where the former needed the wins more than the latter since they were at the verge of rising onto the Upper Bracket. But despite a promising first game for Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and company, they were somehow unable to close out the game which then resulted in giving way to Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s well-farmed Broodmother to carry his team. And with the momentum currently on the side of the blue-and-white squad, Team Secret failed to fend off the carry picks of Anti-Mage and Necrophos from Team Liquid who each tallied an 8-1 score towards a 26-minute victory.

Next up was Evil Geniuses versus Fnatic. Relatively, each of the two games was a short and devastating one for the team of Fnatic due to the fact that they were demolished by Evil Geniuses in both games. The first one, which ended after the 24-minute mark, saw perfect 8/0/12 scores for both Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Artour “Arteezy” Babaev as well as an 11/1/13 score for Saahil “Universe” Arora. But compared to that, the second game was much worse for Fnatic as they failed to recompose themselves for it and gave Evil Geniuses a 15-minute win.

Third in the list was a match between LGD Gaming and TNC Pro Team. The first game was a reasonable win for the Chinese team as they managed to utilize well their teamfighting advantage over the Filipino representatives who, in return, didn’t have the same amount of AoE crowd control and utility. The next game, however, was a close one. Ending at the 45-minute mark, LGD Gaming bagged the win after Lu “Maybe” Yao’s Leshrac managed to hard-carry his team with a final 18/7/13 score.

Last and, by far, the most surprising, was the 2-0 sweep of the underdog team of Infamous over iG.Vitality. For the first game, the Peruvian team managed to subdue their opponents by the 38-minute mark after an overall team score lead of 31-17. But for the second game, despite playing from behind, they still managed to claim the victory by giving space to Enzo “Timado” Gianoli’s Phantom Lancer to farm and push the enemy’s lanes. And with a final 9/1/8 score on his carry pick, he and the rest of his team eventually closed out the game later on.

Now that the brackets have been decided, all that’s left is the beginning of the Main Event this August 8, at 1:00am (PHT). Better prepare yourself for the games ahead as they are bound to be fiercer as the tournament goes deeper.