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The International 2018 Group Stage Results – Day 2
Posted by Martin Patino on August 18, 2018

Day 2 of The International 2018 Group Stage has concluded and now we can get a much clearer look at how the teams are faring. Some of the teams that were placed lower in their respective group standings were able to bounce back during Day 2 with some impressive wins while some of the higher placed teams gave up some surprising losses.

During the opening set of the day, Vici Gaming were surprisingly able to sweep Newbee during their match, the only sweep during the set. This helped boost their standings quite a bit and relieved them of their last place spot at the end of Day 1. It also dropped Newbee from their second place spot at the start of Day 2. The first set also saw VGJ Storm take their first loss of the tournament during their match against OpTic Gaming.

The second set was arguably the most exciting of the day as it saw two of the SEA teams in Group A – Fnatic and Mineski – as well as crowd favorite rivals OG and EG finally face off against each other for the first time in the tournament.

Fnatic and Mineski opened up their match with a 82-minute game that saw Mineksi mount a slow but unbelievable comeback thanks in part to some incredible Tinker play by Moon. Fnatic were able to make up for the shocking loss with a decisive second game though to tie up the match.

As for EG and OG, the latter didn’t fare too well against their rivals as the former took the first game of the match quite handily with a final score of 41-13. While OG were able to put up a much better fight during the second game, and led for the most of it, EG were able to come back strong in the final 10 minutes of the match to close out the sweep.

LGD were also able to sweep Winstrike while Liquid and iG ended up with draw during the second set of Day 2.

Going into the third set of the Day 2, it seemed to not be Newbee’s day as they were once again sweeped, this time by OpTic Gaming, the other lower seated team in the group apart from Vici Gaming after Day 1. And just like the first set of the day, they were the only ones who got swept as the other matches of the set ended in draws.

EG continued their strong Day 2 performance with another sweep in the fourth set of the day, this time against LGD while OG bounced back from their 0-2 match against EG with a sweep against Mineski. VGJ Thunder were finally able to grab their first sweep of the tournament in their match against Winstrike, bettering their chances of surviving the group stage. Lastly, Fnatic ended their match against iG with a draw.

The last set of the day saw Newbee finally grab a solid win during their match against Team Serenity, bumping the latter to the bottom of the group at the end of the day along with OpTic Gaming and Pain Gaming (both of which got sweeped during the last set against their matches against top seed VGJ Storm and TNC, respectively). Lastly, Vici Gaming tied their match against Team Secret to close out the day.

Standings (Day 1)

Source: Dota 2

Standings (Day 2)

Source: Dota 2


The results of Day 2 saw EG and VGJ Storm retain their top spots in the tournament while TNC Predator were able able to creep up to second place in Group B mostly thanks to Newbee getting swept twice during the day. Vici Gaming were also able to gain some ground during Day 2 and ended right in the middle of Group B.

With two days left in the group stage, teams now have a very limited amount of chances to improve their standings by the end of the group stage, with most teams having only three or four matches left. But with the current standings, it looks like EG and VGJ Storm will safely make it to the upper bracket in the playoffs.

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