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The International 2019: Mineski Keeps Dream Alive, Fnatic Eliminated
Posted by Martin Patino on August 21, 2019

The first day of The International 2019 main event has concluded and apart from the first set of upper bracket matches, the day also saw the completion of the tournament’s best-of-one matches in the lower bracket.

Opening the Lower Bracket best-of-one matches was Alliance and Royal Never Give Up, which started out rather bad for Alliance as they accidentally picked Gyrocopter when they meant to ban him. And while it seemed like they were able to hold their own and kept the advantage throughout most of the game, their unintended draft eventually faltered and their run at TI9 came to a disappointing end.

Fnatic’s run at TI9 also came to an end with their loss against Team Liquid, becoming the first SEA team to be eliminated from the tournament. While Fnatic were able to find several good picks, the TI7 champions were able to counter with picks of their own. Eventually, Team Liquid were able to win several consecutive team fights, which gave them the lead and momentum to close out the game and advance in the tournament.

In their first match of the main event, Infamous once again showed off just how formidable the South American region has become by handily defeating Keen Gaming. Infamous were able to get pick after pick to slowly gain a sizable lead against Keen Gaming, in spite of a few mistakes in the middle of the match that helped the latter stay in the fight. At the end of the match though, Infamous’ lead was simply too great for Keen Gaming to overcome.

Finally, in arguably the most exciting lower bracket match of the day, Mineski was able to keep their TI9 dreams alive by defeating Natus Vincere in an hour-long, action-packed match that saw the teams go back and forth, with each seemingly having a chance at victory. But at the end of the day, Mineski were able to pull off one last successful push into Na’Vi’s highground to ultimately grab the win and progress to the second round of the lower bracket.

RNG, Team Liquid, Infamous and Mineski have all advanced into the second round of the lower bracket where they’ll be facing the losers of the first round of the upper bracket while Alliance, Fnatic, Keen Gaming, and Na’Vi have been eliminated from the tournament.

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