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The Nationals: Pica, Tekken 7 Caster
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on August 06, 2019

The Nationals, the Philippines’ biggest esports tournament, has allowed quite a variety of talents to show the nation what they do best. From the different players to the VJs, correspondents, and casters, each has shown their passion and love for esports and their respective craft.

One of these talents is Dannel Picaccio Camille Lozano, or simply Pica. Pica is no stranger within the fighting game community with experience in playing, casting, hosting, and even coaching. The foundation to his experience, especially in casting and coaching, is about 15 years of playing.

His love for fighting games comes from how quick games can turn in a game. The possibility of winning to losing in a couple of second all because of a mistake, makes every game exciting for Pica.

“In fighting games, I was most attracted at the fact that anything can happen in an instant. You can be winning in the first half of your game and when you let your guard down, the tables really turn. You let your guard down and you blame no one else but yourself. I would say that’s the most exciting part about fighting games.”

Whether it be casting or playing, research and character knowledge play key roles in improving in fighting games. Ample preparation has helped Pica throughout his career. This includes actually playing the different characters, watching videos of different players using the characters, and even doing a quick Google search.

“I would say specific character knowledge is important in fighting games. Each one of those characters are there for a reason. Knowing what each character is capable of and what they’re strong or weak against is the utmost important thing about fighting games. Because it’s just like any other field, you only know your enemy as good as your friend.”

Along with putting in time for research, Pica actually puts in more time getting rest and starting fresh when casting. Half the battle for a caster is talking and he takes to heart by making sure that he’s at 100%.

“I know people would just think that we’re just talking and analyzing what’s going on but we also use our mind as well. You have to catch up to what’s happening as well as have good memory. You have to remember the moves and what went wrong. We basically function at 100%.”

The vast number of players within the fighting game community and the 1v1 aspect of it means casting more players that are new. When tasked to do so, this is when Pica uses his many years of experience as a player, analyzing the playstyle and movements in order to get a good read of how he/she plays.

“If it’s someone new, I start thinking as a player first but when the ‘download’ is complete then I become a caster. It takes two to three rounds for you to get what that player is about. So, once the download is complete, caster Pica comes in.”

The download may just be complete with The Nationals just around the corner and the various teams’ rosters locked in but the real work is just about to begin for Pica and the rest of the Tekken 7 caster team.

“I’m grateful for The Nationals. This is something that all players and talents have waited for so long. The limelight has somewhat shyed away from the esports scene. Now, people appreciate the efforts, the time, and the passion that players and talents have. We, talents and the players, can now showcase what we’ve been working really, really hard for.

Thank you for everyone that had faith and who are still supporting the esports scene. There’s no where to go but forward.”

Catch Pica and the rest of the Tekken 7 casters and courtside reporters at The Nationals, the biggest esports tournament in the Philippines.

Catch the action on 5 Plus, the home of esports on free TV every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also watch the livestream via the 5Plus website, and on OneSports via CignalTV for paid TV.

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