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The Nationals Spotlight: Yasumeow, Mobile Legends Bang Bang Caster
Posted by Raphael Leynes on August 05, 2019

The beauty of a burgeoning industry such as esports is that there are multiple ways to become part of the new and exciting frontier. If one doesn’t work out there are plenty of other paths and opportunities to contribute and take part of. Take streamer and The Nationals Mobile Legends Bang Bang Shoutcaster Lhea Lei Pelaez aka Yasumeow, for example. When she first got into streaming a couple of years ago, she streamed DOTA 2 regularly. As her first foray into online competition, she had thoroughly enjoyed the MOBA and loved playing it. However, as much as she loved the game she soon realized that she would not be able to achieve her dream of being a professional DOTA 2 player. But as fate would have it, she would find a new way to enter the industry through shoutcasting.

It was during one fateful The International, DOTA 2’s tournament of all tournaments, where Yasumeow found casters like TobiWan and ODPixel that she looked up to and ignited her spark to become a shoutcaster.

“Narealize ko nga na I’ll never be a pro but I watched The International and doon ko nakita na mas nakaka-hype magcast. Kasi I’m the type of person na trip ko manood e. And naha-hype ako dun sa mga gameplay and naririnig mo pa yung mga casters. So I decided: “Why not try casting if I can’t be a pro?”

(I realized that I’ll never be a pro but when I watched The International, that’s when I saw how hype it is to cast. I’m the type of person that likes watching and I get hyped watching gameplay and when I hear the casters. So I decided: “Why not try casting if I can’t be a pro?”)

Today, in addition to regularly casting DOTA 2 for various events, Yasumeow lends her talents in casting Mobile Legends Bang Bang as one of the mobile MOBA’s most prominent voices. Just recently, she and fellow MLBB caster Zeus Torquator starred in GG Network’s Esports Academy, a series instructional videos that teach the basics of Mobile Legends and other esports and games. 

When asked of the difference between casting the two games, Yasumeow compared casting DOTA to a tree with many diverging branches. The same is true with Mobile Legends to some degree but with a much smaller tree. In  Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the action is fast-paced and the team fights are quick unlike in DOTA where there are lag times or spaces before another team fight takes place. This is what Yasumeow finds most exciting in casting MLBB.

“As a play-by-play caster, mas gusto kong nakikita yung team fight. Mas exciting talaga kapag mas mabilis.

However, Yasumeow is quick to point out the nuance between the two games’ pacing showing a deep and analytical knowledge that can only come from her experience in casting both games.

Sa DOTA kahit matagal may mga comeback mechanics kasi. Sa ML kasi once na medyo nalugi kayo at saka hindi okay yung draft ninyo at the beginning of the game impossible na yung comeback.”

“Sa sobrang bilis ng team fight sa ML, pag natalo kayo sa first tower, matalo kayo in the team fights and malugi ka sa economy, parang mahirap na magcomeback” 

(DOTA takes a long time to play because there are comeback mechanics. In Mobile Legends, if you start losing badly and the you draft heroes at the start of the game poorly at the beginning of the game, a comeback is impossible.)

(With how fast the team fights happen in ML, if you lose at the first tower, lose in team fights and get behind on economy its near impossible to come back from that)

With Mobile Legends being relatively new, there’s a lot of preparation involved before a big game. Yasumeow let us in on her process and key points to focus on, in getting ready for game day”

First thing’s first, rereview sa teams. Second, yoong mga player profile and then finally the metas. Those are the three most important things as a caster na dapat bangitin during the matches and casting . 

(First thing’s first, I review about the teams. Second, the player profiles and then finally the metas. Those are the three most important things as a caster na dapat bangitin during the matches and casting.)

However, despite having a lot of experience casting the Mobile Legends, being well-versed in its mechanics, nuances, players and teams, and being one of the game’s most prominent voices, Yasumeow feels as though she’s still learning the game.

“Right now I feel like kulang parin yung knowledge ko sa ML, parang nabibitin yung knowledge ko sa casts. Parang di ko pa naibibigay yung full potential ko as a caster since kulang pa ng information about the game.”

“Binabawi ko nalang sa nakikita ko as-is sa game. And then putting hype into it and putting story into it.”

(Right now I feel like my knowledge in ML is still lacking and it falls a little short during casts. I feel like I haven’t reached my full potential as a caster for the game since I lack information about it)

(I compensate by observing and talking about what I can from the actual match itself. And then putting hype into it and putting story into it.)

If you take one glance at Yasumeow’s work on the Mobile Legends leg of The Nationals you’ll immediately realize that it’s just her inner TobiWan that’s driving her to be better at her craft. Her commentary style is equal parts insightful and entertaining blending play-by-play and color commentary while popping in with some analysis every now and again.

Yasumeow also always seems to be on top of the action, keeping up with the break-neck pace of team fights and relaying the information at a similar speed. She’s become so adept at this that she says she’s been dubbed by friends and fans as a “Rap God” alluding to the Eminem song where the singer/rapper drops verses at a seemingly supersonic speeds.

Sa DOTA, play-by-play ako and then hype. Well some say that mabilis daw ako magsalita like a Rap God daw sabi nila. Even in ML ganun din. Kaso pag nagcacast na ako gusto ko medyo may alam na ako na not just for the hype. Yung may kaunting analysis to know more about the game kasi that’s what makes it interesting.

(In DOTA, I’m a play-by-play and hype caster. Well, some say that I talk fast like a Rap God as they say. I’m the same in ML. But when I’m casting I want to know about the game and not just hype it up. I want to put in more analysis to know more about the game because that’s what makes it interesting.)

It was pretty clear to me, during our interview that Yasumeow has also found a passion for Mobile Legends, similar to the one she developed for DOTA all those years ago. However, this time, she’s in a position where she can spread the love to broad new audience like TobiWan and The International did for her all those years ago.

This is a fact that Yasumeow knows too well, which might be why she attributes the crowd as the best part of casting Mobile Legends. In the thrill of listening the roaring and raucous crowd, Yasumeow finds the opportunity to inspire a new batch of passionate esports enthusiasts, casters and players and this drives her to become better.

“Yung crowd talaga yung nag dadala. [In live events like this] grabe talaga yung hiyawan ng mga tao kasi napapanood nila yung mga idols nila. Yun yung talagang nagpapa-boost talaga ng not only sa confidence mo pati narin mismo sa voice mo as a caster.” 

(It’s the crowd that carries the experience. [In live events like this] the cheers from the people are really incredible because they get to see their idols. That’s what really boosts not only your confidence but also your voice as a caster.)

Catch Yasumeow and the rest of the Mobile Legends casters, as well as the wildest and most exciting esports action at The Nationals, the biggest esports tournament in the Philippines.

Catch the action on 5 Plus, the home of esports on free TV every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also watch the livestream via the 5 Plus website, and on OneSports via CignalTV for paid TV.

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