The Overwatch Year of the Dog event is now live!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Overwatch is having another CNY event — Year of the Dog. The event is now live, and it brings with it a new Capture-the-Flag map, as well as new Chinese-themed legendary skins.

The Year of the Dog event’s new CTF map is named¬†Ayutthaya, and is set in Thailand. Ayutthaya may not bring anything new to CTF, but there is an upcoming competitive CTF mode, much like Summer Games 2017’s Copa Lucioball.

While brawls are always fun in Overwatch seasonal events, most fans are certainly excited for new skins and items. Year of the Dog does not disappoint in that regard, as there are six new Chinese-themed legendaries. Here’s a quick look at them:

Zhuque Mercy

Baihu Genji

Qinglong Pharah

Xuanwu Zarya

Black Lily Widowmaker

Magistrate McCree

Aside from these skins, there are also lots of new items with the Year of the Dog event, including emotes, sprays, player icons, and many more. Last 2017’s Year of the Rooster skins are also available again for those who missed out, and they’re available with a discount.

The Overwatch Year of the Dog event runs from February 9 to March 10 (PHT). The event is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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