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The Watch Has Ended for TNC Predator at The International 2019
Posted by Ram Ronquillo August 22, 2019

The International 2019 has come to an end for TNC Predator after stumbling against Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket.

The Filipino squad had one of their strongest, if not the strongest, showings in this year’s Dota Pro Circuit season. This led to the team being invited to The International 2019 as the ninth team.

In the Group Stages, they were drawn in Group A with teams like Team Secret, PSG.LGD, Mineski, and Team Liquid, to name a few. While they dropped a couple of games in the Group Stage, they showed their strength as they also took a game back in the best-of-two format. They closed out the Group Stage with a 2-0 victory over TI7 champion, Team Liquid. The sweep was what helped the Filipinos secure the Upper Bracket in the Main Event.

In the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, TNC Predator faced Vici Gaming. While the Filipinos did their best to advance by taking the first game in the series, they ultimately dropped to the Lower Bracket.

As fate would have it, TNC was to face Team Liquid yet again after the TI7 champions dismantled Fnatic in their best-of-one in the first round of the Lower Bracket.

TNC Predator opened the series with a number of early kills which gave them an early gold lead. Team Liquid held their ground and farmed up their items, which put them in a better position as the game went on. With initiation and sustain on Liquid’s side, the TNC just couldn’t do enough damage to get any kills. TNC was forced to call ‘GG’ just short of 33 minutes after Team Liquid tore through the Filipino team and was shredding through the health of the Throne.

Like the first game, the Filipinos pressured Team Liquid in the opening minutes, to give them an early lead. While they held the pressure as much as they could, Team Liquid found an opening 30 minutes into the game by taking two of TNC’s tier 3 towers in exchange for just one of their own. The two teams traded blows throughout the rest of the game but the momentum and gold lead had already swung in favor of Team Liquid. The TI7 champions eventually took their revenge for their Group Stage loss after TNC tapped out at 45 minutes.

The loss meant the end of the season for TNC Predator. Alongside them was Virtus.pro who was also swept by Royal Never Give Up.

Featured photo courtesy of TNC Pro Team – Dota 2 Facebook 

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