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Three new Teamfight Tactics Little Legends are here!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on August 19, 2019

Three new Little Legends have just been introduced in Patch 9.16 of Teamfight Tactics – Hushtail, Paddlemar, and Protector – along with their variants.

Moontipped Hushtails are fox-like creatures of Runeterra. According to the canon, they can take on many forms and can be difficult to spot the Hushtail unless you look for its three iconic bushy tails.

While the Jade Paddlemar is tortoise-like herbivores that are able to live in the water and skies. Adult Paddlemars are able to sail the skies while the infants remain grounded until they grow sufficiently to have enough energy to remain air born.

Lastly, the Jeweled Protectors are winged carnivores with a mix of tigers and lions. The Protectors are born wingless and without manes until a certain age.

Their variants are as follows:

Moontipped Hushtail

    • Mistberry Hushtail
    • Fae Hushtail
    • Untamed Hushtail
    • Monarch Hushtail
    • Eternal Hushtail

Jade Paddlemar

    • Rosebloom Paddlemar
    • Tidepool Paddlemar
    • Glamorous Paddlemar
    • Caldera Paddlemar
    • Yuletide Padldemar

Jeweled Protector

    • Shadowgem Protector
    • Reigning Protector
    • Skygem Protector
    • Fierce Protector
    • Sunborn Protector

Each of the addition brings their own personality on the board. The Protector is a fierce-looking fellow. The Paddlemar, on the other hand, has a bit more chill vibe (sleepy even). Lastly, the Hushtail is just flat out adorable and fluffy.

This bumps up the total number of Little Legends up to nine. Variety is always welcome especially when spamming games.

The individual Little Legend and the icon can be purchased for 750 RP. The Series 3 rare egg is 490 RP while the 10+1 Rare egg pack is available for 4900 RP.

Featured photo courtesy of lol.garena.com 

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