TNC Predator brings home MDL Chengdu Major Championship!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo November 26, 2019

Filipino team TNC Predator were crowned the MDL Chengdu Major champions after dismantling Vici Gaming in the Grand Finals. TNC Predator took home USD 300,000 and earned 4,850 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Points.

MDL Chengdu Major was the first Major of the 2019-2020 DPC season and featured 16 teams from around the world. They played in two phases, the Group Stage and the Playoffs or Bracket Stage.

The 16 teams were drawn into four groups for the Group Stage and competed for the top two spots in each group in a best-of-three GSL format. [The GSL format is a quick format that’s similar to a Double Elimination.] The top two teams per group would move into the Upper Bracket while the bottom two teams were forced to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs.

Photo: TNC Twitter

TNC Predator was drawn into Group A with North America’s Fighting PandaS, South America’s Team Unknown, and China’s EHOME. TNC looked strong in the Group Stage, sweeping both Team Unknown and EHOME to secure the top spot of their group.

Vici Gaming, on the other hand, was drawn into Group B with European team Alliance, the Commonwealth of Independent States’ Team Spirit, and Southeast Asian squad, Fnatic. The Chinese squad closed their matches against Teams Spirit and Alliance in three games each but the wins earned them the top spot of the Group.

Photo: Vici Gaming Twitter

Both teams held on to their Upper Bracket spots and met in the Upper Bracket Final. TNC went through Alliance and North American squad J.Storm. Vici Gaming tore through Fighting PandaS and were pushed to the limit by North America’s Evil Geniuses. In the first meeting between Vici Gaming and TNC, it looked like a one-sided match as the Chinese team swept TNC to the Lower Bracket.

In the Lower Bracket Final, the Filipino team faced Invictus Gaming. The Chinese Squad dropped to the Lower Bracket early after falling to Evil Geniuses but they rallied through and found themselves face to face with the Filipino squad. Despite the best efforts of Invictus Gaming, TNC had their sights on the championship and silenced the Chinese squad.

The victory put the Filipino team on a collision course with the squad that dropped them to the Lower Bracket: Vici Gaming. This time, TNC was ready and took the first two games despite the close second game. Vici Gaming refused to go down without a fight, taking Game 3. The Filipino squad closed out the series and the tournament with a formidable composition led by the Morphling – Earthshaker combo.

Photo: TNC Predator Twitter

This marks the first Major event championship for TNC Predator. With the 4,850 DPC points in the bag, TNC currently sits on top of the DPC rankings both in the region and in the world.


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